Week 16/17

Hi everyone and hope that you are all well.

I have lost a total of 44 lbs now. 1 lb in week 16 & 1 lb in week 17. I haven't done as much as I would usually do exercise wise as I have been a little down over the past 2 and a bit weeks. I returned to work after being off for two weeks over Easter and it was hard to get back into the swing of things and had some really bad news, still waiting on the results :-( .........

I have managed to continue with making healthy choices, but have found I am eating a bag of crisps every single day and that's not like me. So don't know where my head is at or why I am doing it. I need to try and refocus.

Since the purchase of my new trousers 3/4 weeks ago I have lost more cms from my waist as these are no longer a perfect fit but have space in them now. So although I have had small loses my body is still changing in other ways and I am great full for these changes. I stand differently now and hold my waist when I am stood talking to people because I have one to hold and I feel more confident in my new clothes which is a plus. I felt beautiful and looked beautiful for the first time in a long time and know that if I stick with it things can only get better for me on this journey.

I used to wear cardigans over really nice tops just to hide my back rolls, all through the summer I would hide under these cardigans and couldn't wait to get out of work cause I just wanted it off. Well now I don't have to hide. I no longer have them and don't ever want to see them ever again. I'm free of those cardigans and will only wear one as an accessory now instead of a security blanket and that feels great :-)

I hope this week brings good results both on the scale and from the doctor.

Wishing you all well on your journeys x


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19 Replies

  • Fantastic result re weight loss and the other changes you are seeing and feeling. This is inspiring :-) I hope that the bad news doesn't come to anything. Re the crisps, maybe try to substitute them with rice cakes, a few olives, snack-a-jacks etc. Hope things work out ok for you x

  • Hi MagsMM, thank you for your support and advise on substitutions. This is really helpful. Sometimes you can lose sight with other things going on around you, but I will re focus on all the good I have done so far and look forward to what the future has to hold. Thanks again x

  • Good luck! Let's hope for good news! Thinking of you!

  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed too and I am trying to stay positive. It's my mum and she is means the world to me and I wouldn't wish anything on her as she is my rock. Thank you judywood it means alot x

  • You have done so well and you're clearly happy with the results. I guess after so many weeks the loss can slow down. You could try lower cal crisps. I have changed the family from McCoys to Quavers - about half the calories. Yes I know we shouldn't eat crisps etc but sometimes it is going to happen. Good luck for next week and I hope your results are good:)

  • Thank you sueper. The weight loss has certainly slowed down but I am sure it will pick up. I will try sticking to lower cal crisps if I chose to continue eating them. I have stayed within my cal allowance even with the crisps so I don't feel to bad about eating them. Good luck to you on your next weigh too x

  • Well done on still losing when going through a tough time. I hope you get good news from the doctor. Seeing cms lost and the scales going down is great and probably good to boost your moral. Youve done so well done so dont lose heart and keep up the great work. Hope you have a good week

  • Hi fibronfedup, thank you and for your support. I am happy with my progress this far and I will do my best to stay strong and yes the scales are still going down so this is something to be proud of. Hope you have a really great week to hun x

  • Glad you are happy, you should be so proud. Im on holiday so having a gd week but wont be able to weigh in sunday, just hoping to maintain while away. Keep up the good work x

  • Hi trafford1 hope your mum gets good news, sending out big love and hugs to her and to you. I don't think you having 1 packet of crisps everyday day is bad if your still within your allowance as we have to remember we are thinking long term here we are not on a diet and if you are still losing 1lb a week after all these weeks without doing as much exercise then you are doing very well. Hope you have a good week and don't be so hard on yourself, you are doing great.

  • Thank you so much jh24 for your support this is exactly what I needed to hear. I am still doing well and losing a lb a week even with the crisps is still an achievement which I am proud of. Hoping my mum gets good news to as she means the world to me. Thank you again x

  • No thank you, you are the reason i am on week 5 you have done so well please keep up the good work. x

  • That is so nice of you to say thank you :-) People with kind words also make this all worth it so thank you

  • That's great Trafford, well done🎉🎉 and I'm so happy to hear you are feeling beautiful! Sounds like your confidence has grown hugely! I'm sorry to hear of your bad news and hope you get the results you are hoping for! Stay positive and keep up the good work! 🌸

  • Hi Anna999, thank you so much. I can see it and feel the difference and it's such a great feeling. It's all been worth every bit of sweat and all the hard work that has gone into this journey. I am going to continue as I like what I see and I am beautiful like a butterfly :-) I bought a new butterfly dress in the next size down and hoping in two weeks to be in it so thats something to work towards. Hope you are doing really well on your journey too hun. Thank you for your support and best wishes x

  • you have done so well on this programme and I find you really inspiring, I read through your posts last night and you've motivated me no need :) Hope all goes well at the Doc, thanks for sharing your journey.

  • aww thank you Donnammm42, it's good to look back on how far we have come on our journeys I to look back and read through what I have wrote just as a reminder of how far I have come and all the hurdles & fears I have overcome. The gym was a scary place and I remember a post I wrote "made it to the gym" now the gym is my second home and I love working out in there. I thank you so much for your support and its great to hear that I have inspired you and I wish you every success on your journey to " anything is possible" you just have to believe in it. That's my moto which keeps me going and when I began to believe in myself that's when the changes began for me and I am going to continue to believe that I can and stay strong. Thank you so much x

  • The crisps maybe a passing fad, is your body trying to tell you it is short of salt? Despite what the press say, most people need salt to live especially if they are active in hot weather, or have been crying. Remember how salt tears and sweat are?

    My mother in law made it to her 80's despite pouring salt onto her food in frightening amounts.

  • I'm sure it will pass and I will get back on track, thank you Hairyman.

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