Had a cry and feeling so low 😭😭😭

I was out with my friends tonight feeling happy and relaxed... Then... A guy walked up to me and said 'outta the way fatty, your blocking the exit, if there's a fire do you want to trap everyone whale' ..... All his friends laughed and grinned and pushed past me even though I was well away from any doors or exits... I just retorted with ' I maybe fat but your ugly, I can always lose weight' held my head high and walked away to the toilet...

Then broke down in tears 😭😭

I was feeling so proud of myself losing weight so quickly and I'm only 21ibs from my ideal weight though if I lose 1ib more I'll be in the normal bmi....

After a couple of minutes I dried my tears, fixed my make up and went back to my friends laughing it off even though a few of my friends gave me a worried look...

They know I had a past ED but not the others...

Everyone tried to comfort me which was worse.... I think you all know what I mean... Or I hope you do.....

I know even though at my heaviest everyone told me I was beautiful and men was always giving me their numbers... But...

It's hard to explain unless you been there... I felt they were pitying me, thinking that I'll go with.... Oh you know I hope......

I've already sort help from the bishop as I'm a female pardre.... But it's hard...

Still I'm not going back to my old ED, I'm still going to stop with my original ideal weight,

Men aren't worth it,,,,, nobody is ....

I'll show them....

Sorry for the rant, just been home crying for two hrs straight, it's helped.

The bright side is at least it wasn't my sister this time.......


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66 Replies

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  • Hello lovely, one comment those were not " men ". And not worth one single teardrop. It,s not about them, it,s about how amazing you are. New day, enjoy xxx

  • Thanks gillyflower. Actually I'm off out again tonight to the same pub a little nervous but they will not chase me away from my favourite pub. Wish me luck xx

  • Please don't be so sad, there are parts of your post i do not understand but what i do know is that no matter what your size there will always be some idiot trying to put you down and embarrass you just to make themselves feel better! Well done for not showing him that you care! Although we are all on here trying to lose weight i am a big believer that beauty comes from within and as Roald Dahl said 'if you have mean and unkind thoughts they will show on your face making you ugly, but if you have kind and happy thoughts they will shine through your face making you beautiful' Keep that in mind. I hope you are feeling better and don't let this ruin how well you're doing. Some people just aren't worth the thought! Chin up. 😊

  • Thank you ajajan1ne x

  • hi babylegion , people can be very mean sometimes that it hurts.... but still they are not worth it ....its great that you are strong enough not to lose your focus because of them... you are doing great... keep it up dear.... ;)

  • Thanks I will x

  • I know exactly what you mean I've been there and felt very low. But don't let a mindless individual and his sheep spoil your journey. As others have already said beauty comes from inside and clearly that person is the ugliest ever. Well done for your achievements so far you should be very proud and keep going. I have found getting fit and losing weight is for me and not for anyone else 😊 big hug take care x

  • Thanks dawncoates34, I'm going to continue. In fact this little twat has inspired me into working harder at it now x

  • Seeing your post made me sign up. First of all I am sorry for this memory you will now have. I am single at 50. The experience you had with men is exactly why I stay away from them. I am not wanting to go out anymore, at least until I have lost weight. The problem is I am just not losing the weight. So I stay home and eat.

    Don't cry anymore, I have done enough of that because of yukky things men say. Try to focus on the positive comments on here instead.

    Good luck with everything, I mean it


  • Hi suzelle, I'm off out again tonight with my mates to the same pub, first I was scared now I will not back off its my favourite pub and no ones going to scare me away. Thanks for your reply x

  • Hi Angel

    I am also stuck in the house all the time and struggling to loose weight as like you i'm just comfort eating.

    If you would like a friend to work through the rough and the smooth times that is in the same situation and wants to get out of this horrible rut.

    I'd be honoured to be your life style buddy ( don't it sound posh)!! (i don't do the "D" word)!!!

    Takecare, gentle hugs and angel blessings xx

  • Well you are so much the better person with a beautiful heart & mind. Don't feel sorry for yourself but for those ignorant men who need guidance. Just carry on being beautiful all round. X

  • Thanks candystripe x

  • I'm sorry for your encounter with a pathetic juvenile like that. Don't let his words derail you from your goal.

  • I won't it's actually made me more determined to do it now x

  • Keep your chin up. Xx

  • Thanks I will x

  • As a padre, it must be challenging to have to love such people despite their flaws?

  • It's challenging yes, but I always try to see the best in people,,, even the ones that make me uncomfortable xx

  • Brilliant answer. As a guy who has never said such hurtful things (I hope) but who has been with macho guys wanting to be big by saying such things, he does not know you and was more interested in scoring points with his friends. He is also immature and unthinking of the feelings of others. Regretfully some guys are like that when young or old. Don't focus on their immaturity or irresponsible behaviors. Focus instead on your brilliant answer and clever response based on true British Windston Churchill values. I bet some of his mates thought great put down - by you of him! dont waste another hour of your life in thinking of him or the past. Enjoy this day. You can't change the past and actually you probably couldn't improve your response.

  • I will, I'm off out again in a few hours... I'm not going to hide but go out in pride or I'm letting the little boys win, thank you x

  • my daughter is 23 and lives in Wales, I hope she finds a guy like you! I live in Australia and have a drink at the bar for me!!

  • Oh dear! I'm so sorry you had that experience.

    I don't know what to say, except, ... Today is a new day !

    Try to focus on today. Those so called men are imbeciles!!

    You're lovely and worth a thousand of them!

    Have a good day and a good week.

    Try not to let it set you back xxxxx

  • Thanks poppytepat x

  • Imagine going through life like that oaf? Karma will get him in the end. Dry your tears & keep going, you're doing great! X

  • Thank you x

  • He sounds like an absolute arse. I feel cross that he thinks he has the right to comment. Unfortunately thyroid problems are invisible to others. Don't let a losers comment drag you down.

  • I don't intend to not now, I'm going out tonight and holding my head high x

  • Babylegion that's exactly right. Have a great evening.

  • My heart ached for you when reading your post a lot of us have been there or seen such a thing. I'm glad your reply wasn't as horrible or you would of felt bad about it later I'm sure.

    We all know exactly how your feeling in general not feeling your self worth. But you proved beyond a doubt that you are such a beautiful person than those twats that insulted you.

    Some people haven't or refuses to evolve when civilization evolves. I feel sorry for the man that insulted you because he must feel so lonely inside having nothing but dislike for a stranger, to have to continue in adulthood playground bullying because they have nothing else in life. No love, passion, hope, faith it must be a tiring life he leads. Unfortunately those people that act as if still in a playground still exist unable to move forward. Being 40 it still shocks me to witness playground bullying in adults.

    Know that you have love, passion, faith in your life. Know that you are a strong person. Know that you have so much self worth. Know that if a man gives you his number it's because he's feeling the chemistry ;)

    Now do me a favour make a mental note of what those men looks like cause when you're feeling your best when out on the town and one tries giving you their number just look them up and down and turn your back on them. No words needed. :D

    Now dry your tears and know you are worth so much more and stop thinking that men pity you men are not that complicated there's not usually a second meaning behind what they say that's just women that try to put one there.

    Take care hun and good luck reaching your goal xx

  • Thanks x

  • I think most of us have been there .... I used to be called "barrel". And that wasn't even at my heaviest! Be brave - as you are!! Many more people love you than this idiot who thinks he is clever!! Keep going and let us all know when you hit target - we will all be cheering for you. Love & Hugs xx

  • Thanks Hun x

  • Hi Angel

    What despicable animals, they don't deserve to be allowed to share the air that we breath if they are gong to treat people like that.

    They deserve to be made an example of and strung up in the town centre and fire hoses set up for anyone victimised by them to teach them a lesson!!

    I have a special poem i send to people who are in need of comfort and support, and today is your lucky day!!

    When angels sense you need them

    And angels always do

    They come unseen from everywhere

    To help and comfort you

    They hover close beside you

    Till all your cares are gone

    Till they can see you're ready

    Once again to carry on

    Then some of them fly away

    And take their gentle touch

    To other hearts that need the love

    Of angels very much

    But one at least stays with you

    As your constant friend and guide

    For guardian angels never leave you

    They are always by your side!

    Print it out and put it where you'll get most comfort from it, and if you know anyone else who could be helped by this poem, please feel free to give it to them, everyone needs an angel to watch over them.

    Please don't let this horrible experience get to you, you are a very special person and they are not even fit to be scraped off the bottom of your shoe!!

    Take care, lots of gentle hug and angel blessings XXXOXXX

  • That's such a beautiful poem, how uplifting. I'll print this and put it upon the church notice board as well as keeping a copy by my bed x

  • Hi Angel

    You're very weelcome x

    I hope it helps people.

    Take care, angel blessings and please keep in touch xx

  • Hi there i know how you feel i'm a big chap but size isn't the problem its them the world is so ignorant of people's feeling they just don't care. just think your a person with feeling and your not on your own, and i thing i always say big is beautiful and if they can't handled that its them with the problem not you take care and remember your not on your own i hope i can put back that lovely smile you have.

  • Thank you bigalan x

  • Your most welcome, if there's anything i can help you with you know where i am take care speak with you soon bigalan x

  • good on you, wish i could be a stong as you

  • I was only strong on the outside will have to teach myself to be strong on the inside also, many thanks x

  • I hope you are feeling better Babylegion. You are probably upset as you let those idiots get to you. My uncle called me a "heavyweight" once and I laughed it off but it did upset me as I had a lot of respect for him. If anyone does say anything hurtful about my weight, looks, whatever, I look them straight in the eye and ask them if they think they are being clever. If they say yes then I say "your mother must be so proud of you". I've found it does make them stop and think.

    My older sister used to put me down all the time but as I got older I realised she was the one with the problem and was actually jealous of me. I'm so glad you have some lovely friends in your life. You are doing great with your weight loss and keep in touch with us as there's always support here when you need it. x

  • Good reply I'll remember that one lol x

  • Well done for being so strong. People are disgusting sometimes. I had a ED back in my teens, so I know exactly how you feel. Be proud of who you 😊

  • Thank you maddie94 x

  • I was so unhappy reading this post....

    These were not real men, and in a way, they require pity...

    Well done in giving the reply you did,, but please don`t cry or feel inadequate ... God loves us all and will always be there to comfort and love us..

  • Thank you for your support x

  • It always amazes me at how many ignorant, intolerant & just plain mean people there are out there. Can you imagine the poor women that are going to end up with these men!!!

    Pity them my love..just pity them...that's all they deserve.

  • I do Hun.... Pity those men and their future ptrs x

    Thank you x

  • These people are not worth getting upset over, they obviosly have issues of their own. Sorry they were so horrible but don't let them Upset you . Hard I know πŸ˜€ but you have done so well to get where you are 😍

  • I trying not to... Saw him tonight in the pub and kept away from him. He went past me and blushed and walked away but one of his mates gave me a high 5 and said hi babe, keep away from the weirdos ???? I just laughted and turned away . Still wondering what his mates told him lol.....

  • Hi Angel

    Well done for still going back in there!!

    I bet his mates had a right go at him and so they should!

    Hopefully he was put right back in his place having his mates stick up for you and telling him in no uncertain manner what a real waste of space he is!!

    Then for them to high 5 you in the same bar with probably most of the same people that witnessed you getting bullied in the first place!!!

    You walk around with you head held high Angel, you did no wrong and he's being punished for what he did by the people he cares for most, it couldn't have gone any better.

    The Angels are definetly showing you they are with you!!!

    Take care and gentle hugs and angel blessings XXX0XXX

  • Like I tell youngsters who are facing the same insults that so distressed me. Faith does not grow on sunbeds. Our loving heavenly father lets things like that happen so we learn to trust him with our troubles.

    Did not Jesus say "In the world you will have troubles. Don't be afraid; I have overcome the world." As you go to sleep tonight, thank Jesus for loving you so much and forgive as you have been forgiven.

    You might want to ask him to bless that man with a sense of his own guilt in the hope that he will one day be healed of his pride and seek your forgiveness.

    Have you read the story of Corrie Ten Boome (I may not have the spelling right) After the war she was preaching in Germany. A man came to her afterwards saying "I was the commandant at the concentration camp where you and your sister were held and where she died. Can you forgive me?"

  • Search [ Coorie Ten Boom on forgiving ] Sorry I misspelt her name on first try.

  • I have and its an increasing parable which your introducing here... Had a good night tonight he looked more uncomfortable tonight than I felt last night.... In away my heart. Went out to him.....

  • I am so sorry to hear what happened to you. I just hope you can brush it off, realise that some people are just ignorant and certainly not worth your tears. You have already achieved so much with your weight loss, keep

    up the good work and we'll done for keeping your head high when you had to face that. Go girl :)

  • I did tonight and I'm feeling a lot happier but In a way sad inside x

  • Oh sweetheart! Ignore that idiot (polite term). Seriously, I know it's hard, but try not to let it get to you. You're doing so well. Imagine you see him again in a few months and he's BEGGING for your number. You can remind him of this story, throw a drink in his face and walk away looking hot as hell.

  • I would never never lower myself to his level Hun, saw him again tonight and omg he walked past me blushing and looking at the floor.... His mate high 5 me and although everyone was supportive tonight all I could do was wondering if he was ok. No matter what he said I saw tonight the way his mates and others treated him and believe it or not I just wanted to know that he was ok.... Waved at him tonight when I left and said 'good night, and God bless' I feel a lot better tonight but I still felt uneasy as I looked at his blushing cheeks and tearful eyes..... Maybe because it reminded myself of me Friday night or as a female padre. Maybe it's one of those things I will never understand..... Good night and God bless xx

  • Unfair, but not untrue. But you are working to loose weight - making a change. so use this attack to think of how much progress you are making for your good reasons - I'm sure you are not trying to loose weight for better reason than just to get nice comments from nearly meaningless strangers!

  • Thank you janicetim, I losing weight for my health and myself not for comments from weirdos lol x

  • I live in Australia, but my daughter lives in Wales, she is 23. She has had a struggle with self image. I know she would have reacted the same way you did, she puts herself down she doesn't need people to tell her negative stuff. Have a drink for me tonight. Proud of you xx

  • Thank you suzelle, feeling better today and a little happier x

  • It's not what's on the outside its what's on inside and the person who upset you so has nothing worth noting on inside..

  • Hi 13614, thank you for your reply, feeling happier today....

  • Another day another experience. They do say it takes many positive days to recover from the negative one. I am glad to see you happier. Remember that moment when you wrote that. yesterday I did well, so far today I am doing ok. Still under the 2000 cal needed. I am having a pork chop for dinner and veggies. I should be on target if that is all I eat. My problem is after bedtime . will go on here tonight to stop me !!

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