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Slipped for a week

Hi everyone,

Well, it was my day for weigh in and...drum roll....I have stayed the same as last week.

It's a touch frustrating, but I think I know why.

After the disappointment of staying the same last week I gave in to the temptation of Slimming World. Now, I am a big fan of SW and thought that it might kick start my weight loss if I did that for a week. Having followed things through (to the letter) it's made no difference at all. I guess my body was getting used to one way of eating and then I switched to another.

One question for you all though. My daughter (without prompting) mentioned I looked like I had lost weight (I have lost several pounds since starting the NHS diet). However, what I have noticed though is that I am able to fit in to shirts I could not before.

Is it possible to lose 'girth' but actually not lose weight on the scales?

Anyway, back to NHS calorie counting I guess, and as you may have suspected from my previous posts, there's no easy fixes for me. Just got to keep on plodding along.

Why does it have to be so damn hard though ????????

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Yes you absolutely can lose inches but not weight. Why don't you get out a tape measure and record your measurements and look and see how these move as well? Good luck


Definitely take your measurements as I have found I've lost inches on the weeks I've lost less! Unfortunately, there is no quick fix as you say, it's taken a long time to put on so we can't expect it to drop off overnight. Stay positive, keep at it and you will get there! The NHS plan works best for me too, I don't feel that slimming world teaches you enough about healthy eating and portion control, but I do know people have been successful on it, so I guess it's about finding what works for you! Good luck! We can do this! 🌸


Hi .So far this year I've tried the NHS diet.The 5.2 and am now on Slimming World.I keep losing 3 or 4 pounds then it goes back on again.Like you say its such hard work!!!! X


Thanks everyone, always so positive. You really do help! Onwards and upwards (or should that be 'inwards' ? :) ).


Muscle takes up less space than fat. So if you have lost fat and gained muscle it is possible to not see any change on the scales but a change in your measurements.


Eating real foods that don't raise your insulin/IGF-1 levels excessively, satisfying not stimulating your appetite, is not that difficult.

If you have other matters such as stress that affects your hormones, practice exercise and relaxation for instance to harness them; then you will find losing weight easier.


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