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Fed Up movie

Pigivi posted tips for watching videos about nutrition - nhs.uk/Livewell/weight-loss... I watched the Fed Up (and a number of other similar documentaries) and wonder about the following: all these documentaries have in common blaming sugar for weight problems. However, it's always about the USA and speaks specifically about HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) as the main culprit, which is actually not really all that much available in Europe. I have been wondering to what extent are these documentaries relevant for us on this side of the Atlantic? We too are fat, but it cannot be the same reason. Anyone has an answer?

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The US processed food industry use HFCS because corn is such an easy and abundant crop to grow there. As the name suggests High Fructose Corn Syrup has a higher ratio of Fructose to Glucose in its content but the ratios are not always that far dissimilar to Sucrose, table sugar which is 50% Glucose 50% Fructose, which as you probably know is derived mainly from either Sugar Cane or Beets, Beets being easier to grow here :)

Fructose and Glucose utilise different metabolic pathways and over indulgence of either bring their own issues.



Two things I forgot to say:

1, Pigivi, thank you for the links, both videos very interesting.

2, In the Fed Up film, they said that the US school lunches programme was introduced in 1946 as a response to finding out that a lot of recruits (during the war) had to be refused due to malnutrition. This made me think - it is "common knowledge" that our parents'/grandparents' generations were all so healthy and lean. Yet the film suggests otherwise... Hm.

PS This is my third original post + several replies to other posts within the past couple of hours. Obviously I am procrastinating from doing something else. If I post anything else here, can I have a slap on the wrist please? :p


If my history memory serves me correctly a lot of US Citizens were malnourished due to the great depression in the 1930's which affected millions.


Of course! Doh! My brain has a day off, obviously. Thanks.


HFCS Is creeping into the UK and Europe, it may be labelled as 'glucose-fructose' or just 'fructose'. Check the labels on foods like bread, breakfast cereals, ketchup and low fat yoghurt (Danone and Yoplait).

In the UK there have been concerns recorded over the unhealthy state of possible soldiers since the Boer War. Nutrition for many 'common' people did not improve greatly until WW2 and rationing. After the war came The National Health Service, with free vitamin C, cod liver oil and subsidised school meals for all children in State Education. So the health of your parents/grandparents depends on their age. There was a time when the UK government actively supported the health of its citizens....


I have just literally watched the documentary fed up! I think it is not only gfcs, but in general the way all sorts of sugars are added to all the processed foods. An interesting fact that I got out of it was that sweeteners used in all low cal foods initiate the same metabolic responses as sugar, stimulating the release of insulin, leading to metabolic syndromes, obesity etc etc! 🌸


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