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Veg conundrum

I have a question for general discussion. A lot of people say they keep carrot and cucumber sticks etc. to munch on as a snack when they get hungry between meals. Or that they will have an apple to keep them full til lunch. Personally, carrot sticks provide satisfaction for the duration of munching + 10 mins. After that, my stomach rumbles again. Veg only keeps my tummy happy during chewing. Does anyone know why carrot sticks (veg on its own generally) can satisfy some people for hours and why it doesn't work for other people at all?

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Hard to answer really, there could be many reasons, for one you can't be sure what and when the other "Person" has eaten before, secondly they may be being economical with the truth when they say they are satisfied and not hungry :)

Scientifically, carrots have quite a high Glycemic Index but a reasonable Low Glycemic Load, so they metabolise relatively quickly, in other words raise your blood sugar quickly but they don't keep it raised, you may respond to this drop with feelings of hunger more than another person.

Personally I would go for a hard boiled egg over a carrot for satiety every time, but each to there own. :)


Thanks, OlsBean, I know on which side of the fence you are, so expected the last line :) Funnily, I don't snack anymore, a hearty breakfast and a good lunch are often enough for the day. Just keep wondering - I did try to live the mainstream advice :)


"I know on which side of the fence you are" Ha Ha :P I do eat Carrots, in fact most day either raw or in my homemade coleslaw, the point is it's not the Carrot that will make you fat or stall your weight loss, it the fact it does satisfy you and leaves you spuriously hungry that forms the real danger to derailing you.

Good Luck :)


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