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Bank Holiday Temptations

Today sees the start of a hectic 6 days, tonight I am having drinks with an old friend - this is ok as I am driving and can stick to diet coke. Tomorrow I am going to Pizza Express for a birthday party....already been on and checked the menu thanks to advice read on here and suprise suprise they do an under 500 calorie pizza menu so I have pre chosen my dinner and am very excited about it. Saturday, friends birthday BBQ - if i stick to chicken and salad I should be ok. Sunday, a day of foodie rest. Monday, another birthday BBQ (I hope there is chicken again!!!) and then Tuesday dinner with an old boss, need to start making choices (probably avoiding the chicken by then lol)

I am planning ahead and hoping this will help me to make healthy choices, just need to avoid the deserts and try to make sure I avoid the breadsticks!!!!

What are you doing this weekend?

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No plans here. Wow! You do have a busy social life and it must be so easy to make bad choices. Just a little bit here and there and it sure would mount up. Be careful with the salad dressings as they can sneak up on you too. Are you going to say no to birthday cake? I would find that hard to resist. Have a good time! :)


eeek1110, no plans sounds so restful and peaceful.......... these things are like buses! nothing for months and then all at once!!! will have to say no to cake, i am struggling with wheat which makes me feel unwell so i will use that as a mental excuse (even though i love cake!) i will be asking for balsamic vinegar instead of dressings and hope i can keep away from temptation!

It is hard when you have someone else cooking, at lease if its bbq you can choose easier, at the end of may i will be visiting the mother-in-law for a weekend, who i adore, but she is a feeder....she brings coffee and shortbread to me in bed so i can start the day right before offering to cook a full english (will probably go for just a poached egg if i can resist) and buys 'lovely things' from M&S to keep us fed all weekend lol

My target is to get down another 3 or 4 lbs and then allow myself to be fed and pampered by her as it doesnt happen often. Will just have to accept i will have to work extra hard when i come home again :)


I'm working all weekend so hopefully that will keep me out of temptations way! Sounds like you have an enjoyable but challenging few days ahead but having a good plan is the best way to manage it, you sound well prepared so I'm sure you will be fine! 🌸


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