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Never posted before - on any site, but found this one when I came back from holiday desperate because I'd put on an incredible 7lbs !**! :( how? I was walking and swimming 10 - 15 lengths a day.

I needed to loose at least a stone before I went. After 2 days I woke at 5 am starving even after breakfast I'm still starving, so all your posts can keep me going. :)

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Hi Paws, welcome to the forum you will receive lots of help, support & encouragement here. I had never posted on any site before this one when I took the plunge 5 weeks ago & have never looked back.

Personally I am following the NHS 12 week plan & putting all I eat into the myfitnesspal app which has been really useful which counts calories also shows a pie chart of the proportion of carbohydrates, protein & fat I eat on a daily basis.

Do you follow any 'plan' to lose weight?


Hi Rosie, thankyou so much for replying. I'm still trying to decide a plan, I think I could probably cope with 12 wks - just! and if I managed 2lbs a week that would hit my target weight :) I have a fitness app but haven't done much with it other than counting steps, I'll follow your example and have a go, thnx again.


I followed the NHS 12 week plan to guide me into a lifestyle change - 6 months after finishing it I am still eating a lot more healthily and not missing my old lifestyle. Between that and C25K I lost 4 1/2 stone (and have kept it off) so do recommend it.

I would also recommend you choose a single time of the week to weigh yourself - My own weight can fluctuate back up and back down by almost three lb.'s in a 24 hour period which can be a bit demoralising until you realise it is natural.


Thank you for your advice and tips - congrats on doing so well - hope I can too. I've just done a 15 min HIT -high intensity raining - seession, which is supposed to help kick your metabolism into another gear!


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