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Hi there all, just weighed my self after 9 days of the dieting on NHS but especially with the support for calorie counting. Despite my thyroid gland making weight loss stubborn I have managed by sticking to a diet of 1 500 calories /day and less; a lot of veg, fruit and meat, but especially NO GLUTEN products such as bread , cakes etc and no sweeteners, no ready made or transformed products (I'm strong believer in organic products) to lose 2 kgs. I'm on the way and very pleased with certain ways the site handles support, especially you the forum guys. Thanks a lot, will keep at it and indeed the objective of 12 weeks makes me keep my head down.


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  • Well done! Keep it up! :)


  • Well done thats great. Keep up the good work


  • Wow that's fantastic, well done!! 🎉🎉 keep up the good work, sounds like you are doing all the right things to work for you😆 best of luck in reaching your goals 🌸

  • thankyou, how about you?

  • I'm doing OK thanks, on week 6 and have lost 15lb so far! Still a way to go so my plan is far longer than 12 weeks, I'm planning on keeping these healthy changes for ever, but I'm really believing I can do it now! Thyroid probs are often linked to things like coeliac disease (I have coeliac and borderline hypothyroidism) gluten is evil lol, so you're best off staying away! 🌸

  • Couldn't agree more, I believe I'm borderline Coelic also, my granddaughter is Coelic since birth. I think that the thyroid, cholesterol and coelic in my case are all part of my body saying no to the excess gluten, fats in our processed foods. Of course stress is a big factor, I no longer have stressed but the thyroid and cholesterol have remained real problems to solve, don't like the statins but am taking them for a month to lower the bad cholesterol and tryglicerides, then I hope to go on Red Rice Yeast which is a natural statin. Any advice for statins would be welcome.

  • I don't need to take statins, but coming from a health care professional perspective, they are effective in lowering cholesterol and in turn, reducing the effects of coronary artery disease but the side effects can be hard to tolerate. In my opinion they have been demonised a little too much by the media. If the one you are taking isn't agreeing with you, go back to your gp and they can prescribe you a different one. I don't know much about red rice yeast,just be wary of buying any kind of pills (even natural) online. The main factor in lowering cholesterol is diet, which it seems like you are considering well so I'm sure you will get that back under control and hopefully the statins will be short term! Best of luck 🌸

  • I appreciate what you are saying about statins Anna999, however NICE state that statins may prevent 450 heart attacks, stroke or mortality incidents in 10,000. That's hardly a glowing indictment is it? Re-phrased it means they are ineffective for 95.5%.

  • I had a feeling this may present divided opinions. I totally respect yours😆 your rephrased comment is a little misleading and based on what? How is there any way of telling how many people on statins thay may have had a cardiac event/ischaemic stroke if they were not taking them? A cochrane review recently updated (Mar 15) looked at 38817 participants and found an average reduction of 37-51% in LDL on low-moderate doses of atorvastatin. Overall the evidence is pretty convincing IMO 🌸

  • You're right Anna999; we look at it from different angles. The re-phrasing is just a logical deduction from the stated statistic. 450 in 10,000 = 4.5% effectiveness, therefore what is left is ineffective.

    What evidence is there that lowering ldl is in and of itself effective in lowering heart disease. The ENHANCE study found no difference in endothelial tissue thickness when cholesterol was lowered.

    I agree lowering vldl lowers the risk of heart disease, and this is achievable by controlling carbohydrate intake.

  • I looked for that in the nice statin guidance and couldn't find it. You seem to have researched it much more than I. I agree with you on that point concerned, you cannot necessarily always artificially alter biochemical balances and expect the same results you would achieve by doing this naturally, hence stressing the importance of lifestyle changes; altering diet and increasing physical activity. One can't rely on medication alone, sit on their bums and expect a pill to do all the work which I suspect happens quite alot. That being said, this does not negate any effect the statins may have. Though it would be interesting to see the results of an rct that controlled all of these factors and then tested the efficacy of statins over a longer period. Alas, the ethics of such a study would be questionable... Hopefully by the time I reach the age at which my doctor will be interested in my cholesterol there will be more definitive answers, and I will have looked after myself well enough to reduce my risk of cvd. 🌸

  • I'm not making it up Anna999

  • I wasn't suggesting you were, I just wanted to read it in context☺ 🌸

  • No worries :-) I just wanted to let you know the truth is as important to me as it is to you.

  • You can check the Heart site on HU, although there is a wide range of differing opinions when it comes to healthy cholesterol levels.

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