3rd day going well so far

Bought a colorie book today to keep in my bag much easier to look at quickly than my phone. Counted so well today can have a mini mars bar.😊

Went for a half an hour walk today did stride it out but took it a bit easy as I had an injection in my back Sunday. Really enjoyed it even getting caught in a heavy shower.

Getting lots of support from my husband and friends, so no excuses it's all down to me.

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  • Well done you. I think you're on a roll. Keep it up xx

  • Trying hard finding the weekend a struggle but not going to give up now

  • Weeken nearly over !

    Keep going.

    You'll be okay xx

  • Good start. You did well. It is a good feeling to realise you can still have a few goodies within your calorie intake. Just watch out for sugar addiction. It is deadly.

  • Yes know what you mean, I went out for the evening Saturday and when I got back home had the munchies but I mad myself a small slice of granary toast in stead of chocolate which I normally would have done.

  • Good for you!! I'm going to follow your good example 😀

  • You made me smile me an example !! Thank you

  • Keep it going! Small goals, when you are weak keep a vision of yourself that you find unattractive in your mind , a photo for example !

  • Thank you do not have many photos I would like to look at but hoping I will have in the future, I do have is a favourite dress I hope to get fit into again soon.

  • Not liking the photos is the idea, making yourself improve your appearance . I had a fat holiday pic , when I get complacent I look at it! Good luck 😀

  • Well done you, think you are on a role keep up the good work ;)

  • Thank you

  • Brill, you've started. It's good if you are allowed a treat. When you get to your desired weight, go and get your hair done and buy a new dress or whatever you like to wear.

    I hope that will boost the incentive even more.

    Maybe you husband may want to whisk you away for a long weekend.

    Gas Bag Liesel x

  • Thank you for your encouragement

  • Well done but . . .

    You do not need that mars bar, Unless, maybe you are about to run a 4 minute mile? I thought not!

    Do a search for the way refined sugar harms your body.

    A friend of mine found he needed 6 mars a day to get through the day. He was doing hard physical work for 9½ hours a day 5 days a week. One Saturday he went to the cinema with a friend who called out for a doctor when he became unconcious. They saved his life he is the only member of his family to have lived past 40.

    You've guessed right. He was in a diabetic coma. His experience will probably save many other members of his relatives from the same early death.

  • NO more mars bars for me I will have a banana in stead

  • The fun size ones are ok as long as you don't have 10 of them 😀

    I can't live without a small bit of chocolate if I fancy it. I think my portions are too big so I'm going to concentrate on that's too. More vegetables for me lol x

  • I know what you mean about portions when I think back to when I was a child a family size pie served the whole family (4) with a bit left over for my fathers supper. if we have a family size pie we have half each. However I am not having any pies now as they are far to high in calories. !!

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