Ref: yesterday's post...felt unwell so I binged 😭

Hi everyone,

Feeling worse today seems I have the stomach flu, so I'm off work and incredibly bored, thank goodness I can't keep anything down or I'll be bingeing on anything.

Got back to my senses this morning and decided that today's a new day lets continue as before and get back on track or..... I will when I can eat😨 lol.

Going to try some soup later as I seem to be keeping liquids down at least.

Thanks for everyone's advice yesterday, it was a great comfort 😊

Babylegion x

P.s. Anyone want the stomach flu??????? Lol x


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6 Replies

  • Bless ya sorry to hear that, but at least you know what it is now, which means you can treat it. Soup is probably a good idea as it will give you nutrients and help your body fight it, on the plus size you are probably burning more calories so will help in the long run, just ease yourself back onto food as your stomach will be delicate for a bit. Rest up and hope you feel better soon

  • I will thanks Hun x

  • I'm so glad you are feeling improved today. I wish you a speedy recovery. Please do be kind to yourself.

  • Hi biblia, thanks for the get well message, I hope I do too lol. At least I don't feel that hungry at the mo lol x

  • Poor Baby! I must admit I didn't mind getting a bug as that was the only time I lost any weight. Not now though as I know better. I'm fed up of my stupid knee as I did try to walk to the postbox today but had to turn back after 5 minutes.

    Hope you feel better soon and when you do start eating again make sure it's healthy foods as your system has had a complete break from rubbish.

  • I will eeek, 😉 I hope your knee starts getting better soon. I've got a whole host of medical probs that have slowly been getting better with the more weight I lose. Especially my hips, so I can dance now fast and happy, and might be great when I finally meet Mr right 😉 xx

    I had some tomato soup earlier which I kept down so hopefully when I'm able to keep things down I'm looking forward to trying my favourite meal again, which is oven baked southern fried quorn strips, salad and new potatoes, yummy x

    Hope everyone else is doing okay x

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