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Hit a wall!

Hi! I am new to the community and so excited to become part of it.

I am 5.7 and started my weight loss journey at 15 stone. I have lots my first stone and a half, meaning I am no longer obese. I still want to use two and a half more stone.

But.... I can't stop eating!! I am so proud of myself so far and to celebrate I am eating but regretting it

Please help me to stop this before I put on weight I worked so hard to lose, and so I can get back on the right track!

Thank you :)

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*lose! not use x


Welcome baconbap! Your name has made me think of the breakfast I won't be having. Well done on losing that weight and you'll find the next lot easier with support and advice. It's more about healthy eating and exercise rather than just losing weight. I am so relieved to have control (most of the time) back as I did use to hate myself for eating so much rubbish.

Have you downloaded myfitnesspal yet? I would be lost without it as it keeps me on track daily. The first thing I had to do was to cut out chocolate, sweets, etc as I realized I was addicted to sugar. I'm amazed that I can live without all the stuff I used to buy. The other thing I do instead of thinking about food, I think of how happy I am now I've got some control back and I'm losing my weight too.

I was in a quite a mad place really as all I could think of was what I could eat. Now it's what I can do and I must admit I do spend a lot of time looking at posts on the forum. It's keeping me focused and even more determined to keep in the right frame of mind. I'm sure it will work for you too and you'll be replying to posts too yourself. We are all in this together! :)

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Hi eeek1110!

I know- it's my favourite breakfast that I always need to avoid :(

Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot and I definitely need as much motivation as I can get!

You're right- It is about healthy eating and exercise... I am going to the gym at least 5 times a week but it is the diet I am struggling with :/

Yes, I track using my fitness pal! It is a God send and when I do go wrong it tends to be when I neglect the app.

Thanks very very very much, I really appreciate all of your great advise!



Love your puppy picture. My advise to you would be to eat your veges first. I always make enough veges for two days. I have different sauces to go with it. This fill me up. I find carrots snacks fill me up more than celery snacks. A breakfast of toast wholemeal with hard boiled egg and plenty of salad in it keeps my stomach happy for a long time. Finally, forget about food. Move instead, go out, clean your house. Keep busy. Set a timetable and don't go near the kitchen until you timetable says so.


Hi nhs2015!

Good idea... I have to say this sounds like a good plan, and one I will begin with first thing tomorrow.

How cute is that puppy, reminds me of myself and my rolls ahahha!

Shall set my timetable now x


I think you using food to celebrate is the problem. You need to find other non food related ways to treat or reward yourself. Maybe some sort of beauty treatment, a facial, manicure, massage or a new item of clothing. Basically something that you would like that doesn't involve food.

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Hi swimgym,

Yes I am sure you are right.. And all of those ideas certainly sound much more appealing than food anyway! Hopefully money saved from food could be used for things like that :)

Thank you very much x


Hi Baconbap,

Firstly, well done on that stone and a half!

I find that if I don't plan in advance I spin out, also if I get too hungry and haven't got something that is fairly quick and simple to put together I spin out.

I have a notebook to list menu plans and calories for a day or so in advance, as I find the online sites a bit frustrating but I know others swear by them, so it's what ever works for each of us.

Hang in there, Redjennerx


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