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Feeling happy

Managed my first week on this new plan and lost 5 and half pounds....usually did slimming world and fancied something different...Didn't do the full amount of exercise due to work and family but am planning some for this week... people who stuck to this ,, did or have u been loosing every week???? And wat exercises have u done that are the most effective..

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Well done.

The programme aims for you to lose 1-2lb a week and change eating habits so the weight stays off permanently.

For exercise I recommend c25k - see links below. It is free and can be fitted in around your other commitments.



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Hey well done thats a great loss, ive been doing it for 26 weeks and i have lost fairly consistently each week. Exercises i do are weights, cross trainer, gym ball exercises and lots of walking. I try to change my routine each time as it stops my body getting used to what im doing, so exercise varies each day. Glad you have found the plan to work keep up the good work

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Hi there, I'm on week 5 of the NHS 12 week plan, lost between 4lbs and 1lb each week, I think 1-2lbs a week is the ideal and recommended by NHS. For various reasons I'm not big into exercise, have started some gently exercise recently but you will probably be able to do much more than I. Good luck and well done for such a good loss.

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