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Haven't been feeling well so I binged 😪


Wasn't feeling well yesterday, kept being sick and stomach pains, so I was upset today, in pain, hungry, so... I binged 😥 been to my gp today all is well but advice was to stay on fluids only now.... I was weighed today oh my god I put on 5ib in two days... Now feeling unwell, desperate, sick and feel like giving up. I haven't binged since I started last year and now feel like saying... Damn it I give up😭😭😭

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Sorry to hear that you've not been well - hope you feel better soon!

If you weighed yourself on your own scales 2days ago, and were weighed on your doctors scales today then it might just be a case of the two scales being calibrated differently - and you weigh the same as you did 2 days ago. Stick to the reading on your own scales. I know it's hard not to get disheartened when the scales seem to be working against you :-(.

We all have bad days where a binge is on the cards, but it's just one bad day. Stick to being on just fluids for as long as your doctor has recommended and then get back on the horse :-).

You can do this!



My scales show the same results as my gp's 😥 i just feel so down and ashamed , but will try again now....


That was yesterday and tomorrow is another day. I know how you were feeling. I've been getting over a nasty cold. Hubby was working late and I didn't want to be on my own. Not always easy to do but try to focus on the positive. Believe in yourself. Tell yourself you can do it. Drink plenty of fluids, try some fresh ginger and lemon in hot water and start again. Hope you feel better soon


Thanks momof2, it's just so frustrating, feel like I've hit a brick wall. I'll try again.. X


It's no wonder you are upset if you believe you've put on 5lbs in 2 days. Just work out how many calories you would have to eat to equal that. No way would you have consumed that many. I'm sure your scales will be kind to you in a couple of days. Giving up is the worst thing you can do. It would be a step forward and a mile back. Don't let yourself or us down!


I'll try eeek, but God do I feel low x


Think of all the nice things in your life. Tomorrow is another day and it could be really good one so you could go to bed now. Zzzzzzzz.


Start afresh. Tomorrow will be good.


Sorry to hear you have been unwell and feeling so rough. We all have bad days and slip ups, you know where it went wrong so you can learn from it, we all have days when we wanna eat something unhealthy as its quick and easy then feel awful afterwards, just get back on track. Today is a new day, your body needs time to rest and recover so give yourself time to do so just make good food choices until you can get back into exercise. Hopefully some of the weight gain is water weight from salty fatty foods which you can lose once you are back on track. Stay string hun you have done so well, dont let one slip up ruin all your hard work. Rest up and hope you feel better


It's when I'm vulnerable that my old programme resurfaces. I've got really used to it and it'll pass, just like this old programme of binging and shame will pass for you.

Maybe give yourself permission. You want to give up? Give up for a bit. We all know it's the re-booting that really counts. Just practice sitting with your feelings, let them come and cry if you need to.

How about some really full blown wallowing in shame and misery? Get it all out of your system. I like to put on sad music, sob my heart out, and even dance and move to it to express myself. Sometimes I draw instead, or watch a tragic film.

Perhaps after a short period of really luxuriating in your feelings you may find yourself in a new place. And your friends on this forum will still be here for you.


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