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Hi I'm just turned 17 I'm from Ireland and I'm going through the stage where everything I think about is weight , in school I have a great group of friends but they are all 9 stone or 8 stone and sometimes weight will come up in topic at lunch time and they will say stuff like "oh god I don't think id ever be 14stone id be obese then" but I don't think they realise I am 14 and a half stone they would never hurt my feelings or anything but in my head my thoughts are eating away at me thinking "oh god I am obese" I am 5ft 8 I'm very broad but I don't want to deny I am very over weight .. I don't know why I have never seemed to be able to control my eating I'm sort of OCD with my skin,nails,homework,clothes,folders and cleaning my room and things like that but with eating I seem to convince myself that portion size doesn't matter if your hungry eat as much as you want but at night I think to my self oh my god I'm actually quite disgusting how much I eat like why do I feel sorry for myself or cry when I'm not loosing weight myself , last year I got quite depressed because I wasn't loosing weight an I know I'm doing it wrong because some weeks I'll eat healthy three meals a day small proportions but then on a weekend id be so tempted for a take away and is get it then after is think ugh no point in eating healthy now I've ruined my diet plan or id go through phases of just drinking smoothies for three days no carbs or sugar or salts but then when I do eat them my body craves them and id eat a lot more so basically i know I'm doing it wrong and I'm always reading books and stuff I joined a gym for 6 months I went every day I think I missed like three weekends in the whole 6 months I was a member and honestly I felt no different I love jogging in the evenings I live in the country side so jogging is more of a hobby than a task but eating is my main problem .. So basically tonight I decided why don't I blog maybe share my problems unknown with people who might of had the same problem as me because I find it very embarrassing talking to my mum,sister or friends about this because I have done it and when I don't loose weight I feel they think I'm useless so what do I do to shift weight has anyone any diet plans they feel work for them ??? I'm 5ft8 and 14stn 8pnds

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Well done Lucylu! Joining this group is a brilliant idea! Lots of support, lots of ideas and huge amount of support! Keep in touch! Try the NHS weight loss plan - it's structured and will help keep you on the straight and narrow! Good luck lovely!


I hope this site will give me some hope in loosing weight ! How do I check the plan ? Thank you !


Hey, and welcome to the forum, there are lots of supportive people here who understand the struggles of weight loss so you're in good company! I know what you mean by not wanting to talk about it to friends and family in case you fail, I'm the same so am just doing this for me, my boyfriend obviously knows as we live together but that's it. I find the support on here is enough to keep me motivated.

I hope you don't mind but I put your details into the bmi calculator and your bmi is 31.your upper healthy weight limit is 11 stone 11 meaning that you need to lose 2 stone 11lb to be in the healthy weight category. This is totally achievable!

My best advice would be to stay away from diets that are too restrictive like the smoothie diet you mentioned. I'm 26 and have tried most of the fad diets out there and although they work in the short term, I always end up gaining again plus more, so I speak from experience. You should aim for a slow and steady weight loss of 1-2lb per week, without restricting certain food groups as you are young and still developing so you need the whole range of nutrients!

Try having a look at the 12 week plan, gives tips for making healthy and sustainable changes to you diet that you will be able to keep up to lose and maintain your new weight for life. I also use the my fitness pal app alongside it to count my calories and stick to 1400 a day. portion control sounds like it's an issue for you so weighing food out and working out the calorie content may help make you more aware of how much you're eating. I stay away from foods with added sugar,stick to 1-2portions of fruit a day and get most of my carbs from veg (so no rice or pasta). So far I'm doing well and don't go hungry so tend not to overeat. As for staying on track, we all slip up now and again, the trick is to get back on track right away, accept that it's happened and carry on, maybe go on a extra run to make up for it. It's great that you already do lots of exercise, so we'll done for that!

Also if you are feeling depressed it may be worth talking to your gp and getting referred for some councilling, it can really help to talk to someone and they can help you to think about things differently, giving you better coping strategies.

Anyway, I wish you all the best with your weight loss, whatever you decide to do, and look forward to hearing how you get on 🌸

Ps here's the link for the NHS plan nhs.uk/Livewell/weight-loss...

Good luck 🌸


Hi Lucy.

I really feel for you as I was much the same when I was your age. I lost a lot of weight when I was about 22. I only wish I had done it earlier.

Following the NHS plan is a really good idea but it will be hard. I can only promise you that it will be worth it.

Please use this forum to ask lots of questions and get support.

I really hope you can do this. I right behind you and I'm sure everyone else is too

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Hi Lucylu42 welcome.

You have made the first step which is great and this site is fantastic for support. Everyone is trying to do the same and everyone copes with it different ways, do what is best for you.

I too have tried and failed many times. For me, I have only just started this plan, in week 3, I have not put my calorie intake to 1400 as that would be a shock to my system. I have introduced myself gradually, set my limit at 1800 as I know if I kept going over 1400 I would feel a failure so 1800 is my safety net. I have found I am working comfortably within this range, but if I kept going over slightly then I would slightly increase the calorie limit. The 1800 is also greatly reduced to what I was eating before and at the start of week 3 I have lost 6lb.

Trying to do everything at once is too much for me, so as I travel along this plan I will gradually reduce calories and increase exercise. I have tried to do everything before and felt so restricted I failed. This is not a diet it is a lifestyle.

I use myfitness pal to record everything, there are other apps but this one works for me.

Another simple thing is the food scales, I have got a flat pair of scales so my plate/bowl sits on there and I just measure the food as I put them on the plate. Re-set to zero each time I add a different food. It takes the irritation out of weighing.

I can see that for your height and weight your calorie intake shows between 1818 to 2337 but I am not sure if this is in indication of the calorie intake range you should be in to lose weight. I got the details from the NHS site. I had to put your age at 18 as for some reason it won't allow 17 probably being a young adult. I would also suggest you have a chat with your GP, mine was very encouraging and checked basics before I started.

Good luck with your journey.


I feel better having some pasta and rice in my diet (and some potato!). But I limit my portion size - I find 50g of uncooked pasta or rice or 100g new potatoes plenty and helps me feel full!


Thank you so much for all the tips I really feel the support !! Today I'm struggling on what to bring to lunch with me I have after school study aswell so it would have to be filling ! I've just had porraig with 4 blueberries I'm going to download that calorie counting all now 😊thanks again for all the advice


It's probably too late for today but I would take a salad; make it a filling one by adding lots of protein like chicken, tuna or egg. And maybe a wholemeal pitta bread to go with it. Instead of a fatty dressing try a low fat one or even better just use balsamic vinegar.

If ever you are buying lunch, a jacket potato with beans and salad is a really good choice.

Also I would load your porridge with fruit, have as much of it as you can and that will help keep you fuller for longer. And use half milk and half water to make it. Are you sweetening the porridge and if so with what?

Good luck and keep coming here!


It's important to remember that one day or one meal a week where you slip up doesn't actually make a difference to your long term goal. Obviously you should avoid doing it regularly but going over your calorie intake for the day by 600cal doesn't actually matter as long as you stay on track the rest of the time

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Hi ! Your story sounds very familiar to me, although I am now 40. I have recently realized that I am not only overweight, but I have an eating disorder which no one really knows much about but lots of people suffer from. Its called binge eating disorder. My weight has always been an issue and at 16, I tried all different sorts of diets, none of which worked - I was unable to stick to them. I have since realized that dieting is a billion pound industry and that traditional diets are a temporary fix. In fact, dieting messes your metabolism up really badly - at 27 I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome which is associated with people who are overweight. This means I am now borderline diabetic. My true healing began when I realized that "It isnt about the weight" The weight is a symptom of mental distress - depression and in my case an undiagnosed anxiety condition which is with me all the time. My advice? Treat the root cause FIRST. Before you think about dieting. This might mean that you need to see a therapist (talk to your GP to refer you for CBT) or similar. I attend an NHS eating disorder clinic which run an amazing (free) support group where we ED sufferers get together and discuss our issues, share our feelings, be quiet, listen and cry. I was referred by my GP. Its the best therapy I have ever had. They also send me on regular workshops with practical exercises to do outside the class, which help me to recognize my eating triggers and find ways of managing stress and my feelings without eating through them. Most people who are obese have some sort of underlying condition, as an eating disorder (emotional eating, compulsive eating, whatever you want to call it) is an emotional response to whats happening inside your head, its a symptom. I would also recommend reading a fantastic book called the Happiness Trap by Russ Harris, which will teach you something called "Acceptance and commitment therapy" I took 2 weeks off life and went somewhere sunny, put my son into a kids club for 2 hours per day, read the book and practiced the mindfulness meditation and internal techniques that were suggested. It has really helped me. I have realized that much of my anxiety is caused by chronic stress and my inability to stop driving myself too hard in my professional and personal life (my desire for an unattainable perfection). Now, I think about what I want, i put myself first (yes, even before my 4 year old - If i am not healthy, I cant keep him healthy either) For the first time in 4 years, I feel truly happy with my life, even though its the same life I had before - it hasnt changed, I have!

Take the focus off the weightloss, put the focus on your needs and making yourself happy and the weight will stabilize. Also remember we are not all designed to be skinny. Far important to be healthy and trust me, the anorexics I meet in my ED clinic, are FAR from healthy. Good luck xxx

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Hi LucyLu, good to hear from you, this is a great place to share your thoughts and fears on all things weight loss / health. It sounds as if you are making some of the right choices but struggling to stick to things over a prolonged period of time. You say you have had a few periods where you have had a healthy diet but unfortunately you have given in to temptation (you’re only human afterall).

My advice would be to come up with a diet that works for you, one that is well balanced definitely not just drinking smoothies ;-) Make sure you have a portion of lean protein, some vegetables and a small portion of low GI carbohydrates for your lunch and dinner. For breakfast maybe have a bowl of porridge and some fruit. Drink plenty of water and get back in the gym this is great for weight loss. Continue to do your running especially as it sounds like you enjoy it and now the evenings are lighter it will be a great way to relax.

Set yourself a couple of goals, long term and short term. Your short term goal doesn’t have to be weight related, maybe its related to you running a certain distance or attending the gym so many days a week. If you don’t lose weight initially do not fret, it takes time for our bodies to adjust give it time if you stick to your plan and work hard you will lose weight I promise.

Good luck and if you have any questions please just post them, everyone on here is happy to help. Good luck.


Hi Lucylu42. Your post brought a lump to my throat. You're so young and obviously a very conscientious , popular and capable young woman so it is so sad to think that you're held back by your thoughts about your weight. You're tall so you can carry a little weight (the skinny girls are obviously shorter than you or not healthy).

It's great that you're keeping fit. Is the a running club that you could join or do you have a local parkrun you could get involved with - there are loads in Ireland now and they are fantastic events.

Is there anyone you can talk to about this? Maybe you're mum or a sister, close friend? I'm pretty sure if you had a buddy you could set a plan and just work away aiming for a lb a week.

Good luck in your challenge.


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You've taken the first step Lucy. You've joined the forum.

I only joined a few days ago and support is brilliant.

Just use some good food scales, stick to the right calories and write it all down. Get your family to help you.

Good luck and try not to worry x


Hi Lucylu and welcome to the forum. Everyone has already given you very sound advice and there's nothing further I can add to that. However, I just wanted to say to you, the people who use this forum all have a weight problem, we all understand how it feels to be uncomfortable about the way we look and we all know about the temptation to eat too much. Because we all have weight in common this is the ideal place for you to bring your concerns, any fears or doubts shared on this forum will be addressed by like minded people who will help you through the difficult days, those same people will also rejoice at your success and encourage you on. Well done Lucylu for taking the first step in your weight loss journey, good luck & I look forward to reading about your progress. Just remember, there's no longer any need to do this alone... you have us. Take care.

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Well today I joined slimming world. It's brilliant if your always hungry but there's an easy plan and super easy plan where it's super food of fruit veg fish etc meat quorn. Bread is classed as a sun and also you have a choice of healthy extras.

Water aerobics is easier to cope when you got a bit more as. Takes pressure away from your joints, or Zumba or ion dancing classes easy to do and fun.

Some GPs do exercise by invitation for 16 weeks plus free swimming in Wales.

Talk to your mum, she understands a lot more. Be open and that will give you a platform of support network"

At your age years ago now I lost o lot of Weight and what I did was healthy eating calorie counting I was on about 2000 calories a day including treats I stopped fizzy drinks had treat every Sunday and are bucket loads.

Due to health reasons weight d come back on but if I had my time again I would speak to your family. Please let me know how it goes. You should be proud how you are being assertive and proactive in doing this. Good luck


The support is really good on this site at first I didn't think I was making the right disission because I didn't think it'd work but I'm really feeling the support but yeah I have a half portion of porraig every morning with raspberries and blueberries it's the only breakfast I like , for lunch I had soup and I had popcorn before study and a small portion of brown pasta for dinner I'm going to start counting my calories starting tomorrow

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That sounds like an amazing start. Well done.

Remember when it gets tough we are hear to listen and give advice.

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Lucylu you are in a good place on this site. So much excelent advice. If I may add a little of my own here it is. web searches for [ the 5:2 diet ], [ Is sugar toxic? ] , will introduce you to some useful info.

I read in the Daily mail today that they think a pill to make you feel full may soon be available... I've Got News for them, A few small lumps of cheddar chese, sucked, not chewed, will keep hunger away for hours. I do not know if you can buy that locally, any hard cheese will probably have the same effect. But avoid any product that is sold as "low fat" it almost always contains sugar and other harmful additives.

Get this message absolutely clear in your mind. The only acceptable intake of sugar for you is fruit or veg.

May you have a long and happy life. ADDED SUGAR=POISON.

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