I finished my weight loss programme 3 weeks ago. i lost a stone which i still cannot believe because my body still looks the same haha, but thats not the point.

Unfortunately i was disappointed that i was working hard and not seeing results that i basically binged for 3 weeks, I definitely gained some weight back and that made me even want to binge more. But i am starting to realise this pattern and its basically that we are used to old habits and when thingd do not seem to work out, we slip back to the old habits because we feel that we will get comfort. I am sure you have already heard it, but food provides NO COMFORT! Food is designed to keep us well and alive, but because we live in the West, food is like a candy shop to a child; there are many different choices to pick, but when you get one, you are happy for a while until you start to see your teeth slowly rotting.

I was 87.5 kg and i am now 81 kg. My goal weight is to be between 57 and 60kg. The journey has begun again, and i will keep fighting for my well being because that is how life should be! I wish you all the success in your weight loss journey and if you ever need abit of help on what i did to lose the first stone, i can advice how i did it. Thanks


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10 Replies

  • Congratulation on finishing the 12 weeks. Don't give up. Carry on. You may need another 12 weeks. I have started the 12 weeks again to reach my goal but am missing the exercises for a few weeks. i am sure it will work out.

  • I hope it all goes well for you too. I missed exercises for about 2weeks but I just got back on it yesterday. I'm just trying to enjoy the experience now

  • If you want to see a difference in your body running isn't really enough. I don't know if you already do it but strength training, particularly core strength, is essential

  • Thank you for this! I just did some research and realized strength training is just as important. I am going to incorporate that in my exercises as it had long term benefits, thanks and all the best

  • What an inspiring message!! Well done to you for realising what your pattern is and now responding to it! Good luck in your next 12 weeks, I am sure you will do really well. I am in week 9 of my 12 weeks but already planning to repeat it over and onver until I reach my goal weight and then to maintain for life. Your message has made me even more determined. Keep going - you have loads of support from here.

  • Well done for coming so far! It's definitely worth it in the long run, all the best for your journey x

  • I have suffered with binge eating so I know how hard things can be to start all over again which is what im doing now. Well done for the first 12 weeks, all the best for the next!

  • Thank you, and yes binging is something I am slowly eradicating in my life. All the best in your journey :)

  • Well done on losing that stone and completing the 12 weeks. It is hard work but you have done so well and you're not far of your goal. Go for it and good luck. :-)

  • Thank you very much and I wish you all the best in your journey too :)

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