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Failure! No loss!

So last week Sunday I started my healthy eating regime and couch to 5k as well as some additional exercise. For 4 days I stuck to 1400 calories and did my exercise. Then on Thursday I got some devastating news that someone close to me is terminally ill, ever since I have not stopped eating junk and drank a good few bottles of wine over the evenings.

I hate myself for doing it, I know food is not going to change anything except make me fatter, im so sick of using this as a comfort when life isn't going right for me. I now feel totally deflated after stepping on the scales and realising what I've done has stopped me from losing anything at all. My weight is 13st and I need to be at most 11st 4lb to be within my bmi. I would be completely satisfied at that weight.

Not really sure where I'm going with this post, but needed to vent my fatty frustrations some way other than eat.

So here goes to Day 1 restart! Good luck to everyone!

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Not a faliure....a minor blip!

As you know, there are more important things in life to worry about sometimes.

You are still here, still posting and still up for the challenge.....I would say thats a success!

New week, new motivations, new goals.

I lost my young niece at 3 years old, several years ago and a 5k race for life in her memory was a brilliant motivator to get fit at the time.


I am sorry to hear your sad news about your loved one. I do understand the temptation to comfort eat in this situation. My teenage son is terminally ill and I have been comfort eating for the last couple of years. I couldn't go on as I was doing and realised that I need to find a better way of dealing with my emotions. I am working on that side of things alongside the weight loss programme. Your post seems to acknowledge that comfort eating isnt actually much of a comfort and leaves us feeling worse than we did beforehand, about the original issue and our subsequent self-destructive behaviour. What about talking about it with friends, exercising to work off frustration and anger and, as littlepins suggests, channelling your energy into positive activities such as run funs/ fundraising. I hope that you feel more positive soon x


Sorry for your sad news. We all have setbacks hun, you have done the right thing by getting back on track, as eating healthier becomes more of a habit you will find new ways to deal with difficult situations. Look at the positive that at least you didnt gain anything, so you obviously did something right at the beginning of the week. Today is a new day


Please do not hate yourself, ever. Sorry to hear about your bad news, and you should give yourself time to deal with it, even if it means eating junk. You are only one week into your programme, so eating healthily is not a habit yet, and it would be superhuman to expect that you can continue working on weight loss and take in shocking news. Just continue when you can.


Thanks for all your replies and I'm liking the suggestions of getting fit while fundraising. Sad but glad to hear others have been through similar situations. I definitely do need to find new ways of coping.


Every time you re-start you have made a really positive decision that you are going to beat this. Don't focus on falling off the waggon, focus on the fact that you got back on it again. we're only human, and a life time's habits are not going to disappear overnight - but you're showing your commitment to healthy living by being ready to restart so soon. If you lose nothing one week, that's an achievement because you haven't put any on. If you have put some on, be ready to be stronger the following week. You can do it.


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