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End of week 1 - Take 2

So, I came, I got motivated, I fell off the wagon, I have started again!

Week 1 lost 5lbs. Brilliant result and feeling a lot stronger again. I think the majority of this will be water weight as I am now no longer eating bread or pasta and am eating loads of veg.

The removal of wheat from my diet is definately helping me, I was always complaining of stomach ache and head aches especially after eating pasta or bread, but I haven't had either illness all week.

My biggest hurdle is when I step on the scales on week 2 and realise I haven't lost a huge number as I settle into 1lb per week.....I tend to get disheartened by start of week 3 and then think sod it I will have cake. However, this time my highly competetive girlfriend is on the journey with me and I refuse to let her stick to it longer than me lol We have different goals so we are not competing on weightloss just the act of sticking to it!!!!

Although I lost weight since Christmas and then put some back on I have realised from the details below that I have shifted 7lbs since I found this site.

Thank you to you all with your inspirational stories and motivation that you provide to keep me feeling sane and thinking I can be successful!!!!!

Start Weight 15/2/15 - 12st 6lbs

6/3/15 - 11st 12lbs

19/04/15 - Easter/Weekend in Paris/ Weekend in Brighton/Holidays/ Forgetting I was supposed to be on a diet – 12st 4lbs

Current weight at 26/04/15 – 11st 13lbs

Target for 25/05/15 – 11st 8lbs

Ultimate Target - 10st 7lbs

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I guess we are in this for the long term and it's going to be an everyday occurrence to be mindful of our eating and long term goals....

Well done sor so good....

And yes it's bloody uphill sometimes,life is too short so we must not forget to enjoy it.

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