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Ta dah! First week over

Not the best start I had hoped for but I have lost 1.5 pounds on my first week. Went for a chinese meal Saturday which had been planned for ages ago before I started this 12 week plan and I am meeting up with some friends Wednesday for a meal. We haven't seen each other for ages and I know I am not going to be able to get away with a salad and a lemon water:-) After Wednesday I should be able to concentrate more on losing weight. Fingers crossed I don't put any on. xx

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Well done.

Do you know where you are going on Wednesday? If I were you I would look up the menu in advance and make a healthy choice that you would also enjoy. It's really easy to make a wrong choice if you haven't planned in advance. I'd also swap anything unhealthy like chips and coleslaw for new potatoes and salad.

I would also set myself a limit on how much I was going to drink; normally two glasses at the most. If I was having wine I would water it down with soda and if I was having a spirit and a mixer, I would make sure the mixer was a diet and that there was a lot of the mixer. I would also drink lots of water.

Also eat really healthily during the day. Have yoghurt and fruit for breakfast and a salad or soup for lunch. No cheeky snacks either!

And try and fit some exercise in, either that day or the following day.

Hopefully this way you can still really enjoy the evening and won't spoil your diet.

Have a great and healthy week


It's not an evening meal, more of a late lunch really......around 3....because some will just be finishing work. I think we are going to a steak house so I might have steak, salad and a plain jacket potato. As for the drinks I think I will stick to water after all because I know if I have one it will lead to two, then three and it is just empty calories and I know when I weigh in at the end of the week I will be sorry so a bit of willpower is needed I think. I will let you know how I get on.


That sounds really healthy. I'm sure you won't have anything to worry about. Enjoy!


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