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Week 4 weigh-in - good news :-)

Hi :-) I have just done my week 4 weigh-in and have lost 4 lbs in the last week bringing my total to 16 lbs so I have lost my first stone! 1 down, at least another 5 to go!

Very happy not only with the weight loss but also with the fact that I am feeling so positive and energetic.

I tried the 5:2 diet last week for the first time and it was a lot easier than I expected. I thought that the fast days would be awful but they weren't. On the first day I had a small helping of porridge for brekkie which filled me up and kept me going for ages, lots of water and herbal tea throughout the day and had dinner about 4 o'clock cos I was really hungry by then. Did a stir-fry with prawns and lots of low cal veg.The second day had the same breakfast, lots of water, skinny latte at lunchtime and veg stir-fry with some cashew nuts for dinner - easy peasy! Think I will be sticking with the 5:2 :-)

Wishing you all a good week.

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Well done! Keep it up!


Well done you that's brilliant! :-)


Well done, that's a really good weight loss.


Well done that's fantastic! 🎉🎉 keep up the good work! Are you calorie counting on your non fasting days too? 🌸


Yes I dont want to jinx my progress by going mad with food on my non-fast days!! :-)


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