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Fed up with being called fat by my own sister 😭


Feeling so low 😢 I was feeling so good today knowing I'm back on track losing weight when my sister took the p**s out of my weight again. I burst into tears and run upstairs to my bedroom, what p***es me off is she is three times my size but knows that I had an ED when I was younger, and it's been a regular thing with her. Then to top it off she tells me she's pregnant again, her other kids are all under social and she knows how much I want to have children 😢, I'm not in a relationship so that possibility is out the question for now. It makes me so angry, she doesn't deserve children. Sorry to rant and rave as I feel like bingeing on anything and everything at the moment, with her saying that I'm so fat and look twice as big as usual it's so hard, and even harder to keep quiet and not tell her off. I've never been the type of person to bite back but it's hard, so hard at the moment 😪 sorry everyone about my rant thinking of ordering a massive pizza for myself at the minute......

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The very best way to hit back is to lose weight. Just think how jealous your sister would be of you, you will be everything she wants to be. At the moment stay calm, just smile and tell her she's right, that you know you need to lose weight. Don't let her know you're on a diet or changing the way you eat, do it quietly, don't bother letting her know when you lose a few pounds; she'll know soon enough that you have your lifestyle under control when you start looking slim and able to wear all those nice clothes she wont be able to fit into. Take it on the chin because the more you react to her spiteful words the more she will do it as she knows it's your weak spot, you'll be the winner in the end. Good Luck, stay strong.

Babylegion in reply to Jenever

Thanks jenever. Sorry about the rant just so upset....

Jenever in reply to Babylegion

No need to apologise, this forum is the very best place to let off steam, much better than letting your sister see how she can get to you.

Babylegion in reply to Jenever

Thank you x

sueper5 stone

Sorry to be brutal but what a nasty sister you have. Why would she be so spiteful knowing you had an ED?! I have never accepted people into my life who have called me fat even though I know I am. If they use it against me they are gone. Such and easy and unintelligent insult. It is hard as she is your sister but as Jenever said, the best pay back is to lose the weight and show her. Then maybe look to move out as soon as you can and get away from such a nasty and negative influence in your life. Good luck and know that clearly you are the better person and remember don't lower yourself to her level by calling her fat!

We don't live together. I'm live at home now as my mothers extremely unwell. My sister comes round to see mum a lot but mostly to get money from her, it's disgusting. But I don't want my mother upset with my sisters nastiness. She's too ill for me to discuss this with her, it will just upset her, but feeling a little better now xx

sueper5 stone in reply to Babylegion

Glad you are feeling a little better. Sounds like life is hard at the mo. Perhaps you could go out for a walk or something when your sister comes around and keep out of her way as best you can. Hope things improve in all areas of your life sooner rather than later:)

Without being rude I couldn't leave my sister alone with my sister if dad wasn't home as my sister is light fingered and has stolen money and jewellery before when she's been left alone with mum. But if dads home next time she comes I'll take a stroll round to my friend, she lives 2 miles away, that should cool me down lol x

I know she's your sister and everything so sorry to sound harsh but what a b***h! As the others have said, the best thing you can do is to carry on with your healthy eating and lose some weight, get healthier and fitter, that will show her! If she is already bigger than you she is probably just saying these thing out of jealousy already! I have to say that if it was my sister I would not be so good at holding my tongue or keeping my hand from slapping her/pulling her hair (anything goes with sisters right? 😉) seriously though, you're doing the right thing by being the better person and not rising to it.

Also don't order the pizza lol! Having said that, I made a cauliflower base pizza today and it was really good! Still a bit of a treat coz of the cheese but I went easy on that front so it was still much lower cal than a real one and very tasty!

All the best🌸

Babylegion in reply to Anna999

Thanks Anna, came to my senses and didn't order the pizza, had a quorn curry instead 😋 very tasty. Also I got downstairs and moved anything tempting out the way. So just got a bowl of carrot sticks and cubed apple in a bowl next to me just in case I feel peckish, I was so close to slipping though. As for giving her a slap I've never raised my hand to anyone it's not in my nature and she knows it. But.... I must admit I thought about it today lol x

Anna999 in reply to Babylegion

Well done for keeping to your healthy snacks! You have alot of stress going on at the moment so it must be really hard. Stay strong hun 🌸

elliebathMaintainer in reply to Babylegion

A healthy snack. Well done. It's changing little habits like this that will get you there. 😊

Don't worry about your sister. She mus be insecure if picking on or makes her feel better, it's very sad actually. I know it's easier said than done but don't rise to her, pick yourself up dust yourself off. You can do this and you will be the one laughing when you have achieved your goal and she's still the same old horrible sister. Don't worry honey it will be okay x x

Babylegion in reply to Reidmag27

Thanks for the support reidmag27. It's weird if it was a stranger I would of walked away and just shrugged but my sister.... It's a weird feeling x

It's not nice, is she you're big sister? They seem to have a grip on you. ( talking from experience) don't let her drag you down. You can do it, be strong, stay positive and smile 😊 you will get there x

Babylegion in reply to Reidmag27

Yes she's my big sister (5yrs older than I) but sometimes it feels the other way round lol x

She is very jealous of you already so I agree with others find a life style change that suits you and keep quite about it .

Jealously is a illness ...you will never win with her so best you concentrate on yourself and do not allow her to knock you down because of her insecurietys

Stay away if you can and if you can't then say to yourself she can only get it me if I allow her to and Im not going to allow her to anymore because I'm proud of myself and a much better person .She soon see the change and it will get to her more than anything

Keep smiling ...your get there

Babylegion in reply to Offlimits

Thanks offlimits xx

I hope you are feeling better today. Next time your sis has a go ask her for advice how to lose weight. It's the other way with me as my mum keeps telling me not to lose weight as she likes me insecure. It's all about power and you have to see them for what they are. You can still love them but you don't have to like them. This is the best place to have a rant and get advice so you go for it. :)

Babylegion in reply to eeek1110

Thanks eeek, I do feel a little better today thank you. She came round tonight and as my dad was there I went out for a long walk x

Hey ...

Hope you're much more better now .We can't control what other people do, say, act ..as much as we’d like to sometimes!However, we can control how we react to their behaviors. Next time when she say it again , just ignore her keep doing what every you were doing Or speak out whats on your mind better then keeping in your heart ( do i sound bad haha ) Don't stress your self ...course i'm those type too once i get stress i start eating , eating makes me happy ...haha

Focus , few months from now , you will look awesome with your sexy body and healthy body =D .

"Sometimes, you just can't have what you want, but it doesn't mean that you can never have it. Everything takes place at the right time"when the right times comes you will get pregnant have kids .

Keep smiling



Thanks vani, feeling abit better now. Thank you for the advice x

Try not to be so upset I no what u mean my sister is really slim and I'm 13 stone and she's always on to me to lose weight and it makes me give up on myself so chin up you are not alone😧

Babylegion in reply to Oldlass

Many thanks hun x

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Babylegion

Happy New Year Babylegion 😊. Are you wanting to re-join the forum? Lots happening around here these days

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