Need to sort myself out

Hi I really need to sort myself out. I joined weight watchers and was good for a week but then I self sabotage. I don't know why. I'm 4 ft 11 and just over 16 stone. It just doesn't sink in that I need to do something. I ache all the time and find it hard walking sometimes But when I'm at home I forget about all that and it's as if food is my friend. Any advice would be much appreciated


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  • Hi Jabba. I know what you mean about it sinking in. I have been overweight my whole life and just getting bigger every year. Even when I had to buy bigger clothes it still didn't sink in. I kept expecting to have one of those moments (like many do) where I think right I have to do something but it never happened. But this year I decided to make a few subtle changes, the first was to swap sweet biscuits for savoury ones. Then I heard that a 20 minute walk every day can make a real difference to your health and I thought - I can do that. So now I manage to walk most days and it is really helping, I was becoming less mobile every day and finding it embarrassing. Today I plan to walk 4 km. This isn't much for many but is massive for me.

    I would suggest you start slowly and make a few changes for life, don't rush into anything too challenging as you will be setting yourself up for a fall. I couldn't face weighing myself until the middle of February but since then I have lost 19lb - slow and steady which was my plan when I eventually decided I would actively try to lose weight.

    One other thing I did was calculate all the calories in my usual diet. I discovered one single meal I was having was a massive 1800 calories. But a few swaps and reduced portion sizes can make a real difference.

    You should be able to find lots of inspiration, support and hints & tips here.

    When you have a lot of weight to lose it can seem like an impossible journey so why bother, but every pound you lose in heading in the right direction. Before you know it the 6 stone you need to lose will be 5 stone and so on:)

    I hope that is of some help and good luck!

  • Thank u for ur reply. U have done brilliantly. I need to be more patient and accept its not gonna happen overnight so not to give up. Good luck x

  • Exactly. Far better to change your lifestyle than lose loads and then put on more - been there! Try not to ban anything - be honest with yourself, If you know you can't live without something like chocolate let yourself have some but try to make sure it is just say a 100 cal strip. That is why I do and it avoids the binges for me. Now if I was to binge I will have 100 cal strip of chocolate and an apple. Instead of a massive bar of chocolate and a cream cake.

  • Thank u x

  • Welcome Jabba! The name shows how you are feeling but you've come to the right place. I can tell you really want to get control back. Eating is something I turn to when I'm stressed, sad, bored, etc. My own little comfort zone. It's a habit and it's still difficult after 8 weeks on the plan but I do win most of the time.

    Members told me to google myfitnesspal and that is one of the things that I couldn't do without now. Getting support. advice and motivation from the forum is a BIG help too. I find it focuses my thoughts away from eating and there are some lovely people here.

    Losing just 1lb a week will mean you'll be 32lbs lighter by Christmas. That does sound nice and you can do it! It's not just about dieting but changing how you feel about food. I realise I had a sugar addiction and that helps me to keep away from chocolate, sweets, etc. Keep in touch even if you have a bad day as we don't want you to give up. Believe in yourself! :)

  • Thank u so much for replying. X

  • Hi Jabba, I think most of us on this forum will recognise the feelings you describe. The advice "slow but sure" is sound, if you try to change everything immediately it is overwhelming and you will soon be tempted to relent. I've been following the NHS 12 week plan for the past 4 weeks and already I can feel the difference, I don't have the aches and pains, I can walk up stairs better and I don't get as breathless walking, I'm also sleeping so much better. I keep track of the amount of calories I'm eating (and drinking) throughout the day so I don't exceed my daily allowance and I've gradually introduced some exercise. I hope you find a system that works for you, good luck.

  • Thank u x

  • Empty your cupboards of all the bad stuff and stock them full of fruit.

    Every time you want to eat something bad think of all the good work you are undoing and imagine that thin body!

    Good luck

  • Thank u x

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