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Ok I was feeling really down earlier, I fell off the wagon and had a comfort eating moment :-( :-(

Hi everyone

Thank you for all your posts, I really needed some reassurance but because I was feeling really depressed and down I had a comfort eating moment of a packet of crisps, belgian chocolate short bread and a packet of sweets Ok, as you can imagine I am feeling even more crappy for what I did, I agree I shouldn't have given in to the food devil but I did. I think I going to have a rest day today. What do you think everyone?

I can't even concentrate at work, it's totally unlike me. I hate feeling like this. Has anyone felt this upset before?

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Hi Av28, I've been through frustrating times myself and it's easy to let guilt rule our hearts. Just chalk the binge up to a slip up. We have ALL had them. Don't feel guilty Hun it's not worth feeling bad about it . Hugs to you xx


Depression needs to be diagnosed and treated by a health professional.

You may have cut back too far, which leaves you susceptible to making bad choices, especially short-term fixes.

Highs and lows with blood glucose and hormones will make it difficult to keep your mood stable.


Oh well, don't beat yourself up, just accept you had a minor blip and move on. Try to put the brakes on now though don't tell yourself..."Well may as well just have a day of eating what I like" it will make it more difficult to get back on track and you will be even more upset with yourself. We all have days like this, it's just your turn today! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay positive.

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First of all, a packet of crisps and a few biscuits/sweets is not going to ruin all the hard work you have been putting in. I did the same thing, I think it was week 2, totally freaked out but got straight back on track and still lost that week. I suffer with severe anxiety and panic attacks, and when it's really bad I get depressed. So I understand those feelings of utter sadness and hopelessness. If it's affecting you this badly, maybe you need to talk to your GP? Have you reduced you calories too much? As this could also affect your mood.

From your other posts it sounds like you are weighing every day, maybe stop doing this for a week, still stick to the plan but just a weekly weigh in as then you will not obsess over it and get down when its not changing every day. Your weight will fluctuate depending on water/salt/hormones. This is normal! I used to weigh every day and stopped as I just found it de-motivating, I know some people prefer it and that your choice, but just a thought.

Maybe try just doing some gentle exercise, go for a nice walk somewhere pretty and clear you head. Then go home, have a nice light meal and do something relaxing like read a book/have a bath.

Hope you feel better soon hun, try and stay positive, you've been doing so well!! x

PS I'm Just editing this to ask what you BMI actually is? Your post today said you were around 72kg, are you within the normal healthy weight range? If you are this could be why your weight loss is slower. x


We all have bad days where our inner demons take over and lead us to temptation. Depression is a horrible illness and its hard to shake yourself out of it once you are in that place. I find reading back through positive things helps, or distracting myself for a bit like reading a book or doing some crafts, we all have our own ways of coping and we all give in occasionally. Best thing you can do is get back on track, and log it in your calories, next time you feel like this trying distracting yourself. Hope the rest of our weekend goes ok


Its just 1 day u fell off the wagon so dont beat yrself up. Get up and try again. 2morrow is another day. Always remember yr weightloss journey doesnot define who you are. Jesus already did that by dying on the cross 4 u. Have a gr8 week.


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