Any ideas?

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to eat more healthily, however I am a fussy eater and when it comes to salads I can't stomach the taste of it.

I don't really eat that unhealthily. Odd bag of crisps every now and then same with chocolate I don't live off the stuff. Drink wise. I very rarely have anything fizzy and stick to water and fruit drinks like robinsons which I water down quite a lot.

I have been going to the gym around 4 times a week and the weight isn't dropping off or anything so I'm at a loose end now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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15 Replies

  • Apparently if you eat something enough times then you come to like it. So maybe keep at it!

    Do you calorie count? You may be surprised at how much you eat if you don't.

    Good luck

  • Hey, I've tried that with salads, still no luck on that one.

    As with calorie counting, I always look at what's in my foods, I don't count them religiously but I take a rough note.

    It's strange because I don't eat that much, because of my work I don't usually have a lunch

  • Have you checked how many calories you should be eating to lose weight? I'd suggest downloading an app like myfitnesspal and then properly count for a week and see whether you lose weight.

    I used to kid myself I ate healthily and I did but I was still eating too much to lose weight.

  • Hi, I read the message you replied to it was a great help, I think I'll look for that book.

    The only question I have is, I understand that the carbs need to be reduced but with the foods I can eat freely like meats for example what do I have with it? Usually for dinner it would be put with rice or pasta of potato. Can it still be put with this or is there something else that could go with it instead?

  • I'll give it a try :) thanks

  • I will do thanks for the advice

  • Do you like soup? It's really easy to make your own and you can make them relatively low calorie compared with shop bought ones (and cheaper). Good way to get lots of veg in you and you can make up batches for the week and keep in fridge, or in the freezer if you want to keep them longer. x

  • The only ones I really like are tomato and chicken, homemade chicken soup and also pumpkin soup but good idea, maybe I'll start making it in batches. Thank you :)

  • Have a browse online and see if any take your fancy😊 I tend to just experiment, throwing a few things in with a sautéed onion and a litre of stock, boiling it for a half hour then liquidising. Hope you find what works for you! 🌸

  • You don't need to eat salad to eat healthily they are one avenue you can eat. Maybe track your calories a little closer for a bit to see if they are creeping up or that your not eating enough, including calories in fruit juices they can add up without realizing it. You mentioned what to have with meats for dinners, try cauliflower rice its really filling and lowcal, i add broccoli to mine and seasoning to stop it being boring. Also if you stick to a routine when working out, maybe try changing it a bit as our bodies get used to following the same routine all the time. Just an idea. Hope you work it out soon

  • Yeah it's just the most common route salad and veggies, it's just difficult because I don't like the taste of a lot of them, I tried the whole keeping eating them thing but it don't work lol. I'll try the cauliflower rice though. :)

  • I can understand that. Im still working out what i like and dont like, some just taste wrong lol trial and error is the best thing really til you work out which ones you do like :-) the cauliflower works well as mash too

  • What about making soup from veggies, it doesnt have to be salad. You can add flavourings e.g. harissa or curry if you don't like the taste of veg. Think of what you do like to eat and see how you can sneak veg in.

  • Thank you all for your ideas and suggestions, usually I'm not a fan of forums but this time it's different as everyone has been so friendly and helpful and I really appreciate it.

    I'm going to try a few ideas that you have suggested. Fingers crossed :)

  • Let us know how you get on!

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