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Weird but nice.... 😀

Thank you to everyone who replied to my other post 'feeling fustrated'. Did my weeks weigh in and I lost those 3ibs I weirdly lost 2ibs more???????

A weird twist but it's shown me not to panic until the scales go up several weeks in a row.

But hey!!! I'm sure we all get fustrated and feel like giving up sometimes.

Hope everyone is doing well on their journey.... 😀 x

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Well done on your loss, its frustrating when they dont go the way we want to but it is so worth keeping going, we all have doubts but staying on track definitely seems to be the way to go. Well done again, keep going :-)


Thanks fibronfedup, x


That's great to hear! And made me not feel too disappointed as no loss for me this week despite being very controlled with calories ! Thanks for post

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Thanks cath x


Good. We must be aware our weight fluctuates and don't get too disillusioned over a single figure. It really can make a difference how much you go to the loo before weighing and how full your stomach is. I've gone up as much as 6 or 7 lb at a time but next weigh in I'm on track - and no "explanation". I've lost a stone in a year (I know, sounds slow) but its consistently lower readings. Good luck :)


Good luck on your journey fenbager x


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