I haven't been able to do any exercise for a week due to a cyst behind my knee but I've still lost a lb. I had 2 days of 2,000 calories (stressful days) and the rest were under 1,500. The only significant thing is that I'm reducing my anti-depressants by half. I did put on weight when I went on them but my doctor said it wasn't due to the pills.

Losing 1lb a week suits me as it took me 2 yrs to put on an extra 20lbs. That's my first goal and I'm nearly half way there. Wishing you all a positive week and remember it's not just 1lb off but you are even more ahead as you aren't putting weight on. I still can't get over losing that 1lb. It's made my day! :) :):)


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13 Replies

  • Well done, I know that you were worried about the impact of your cyst on your activity and weight loss. Great result! :-)

  • Thank you MagsMM. My mum says I don't need to lose weight and she is quite upset about it. I do know her reasons and they aren't positive so I shan't go into them. All it's doing is make me more determined and I shall refuse all the chocolate she pushes on me. So there! :)

  • Excellent! 🌼

  • Thank you for your support! x

  • That's great! Well done eek! 🎉🎉 how's the knee feeling now, any better? Did you see this on the news yesterday?


    Thought it my help you feel better about not being able to do your walking, in the short term it shouldn't affect your loss😊

    I'm glad that you're still positive after all the stress you've had recently, just goes to show you can do it!!

    Have a lovely day 🌸

  • Thank you Anna! I shall check that bbc report out soon. My knee is still rubbish but I am a positive person and tell myself it won't be forever. A little pain isn't going to stop me from losing weight. I shall survive! :)

  • Just read it Anna. Interesting and the replies too. Not sure what to think? The knee might not be short term but these things happen. Got to keep smiling! :)

  • Really? The cyst will go surely? Or they might have to drain it? It's good to keep that positive attitude, but I do understand that the pain can get you down especially when it affects you mobility too.

    Yes it's interesting, I was planning, when I have time, to take a look at the original research articles. It makes sense though as you burn calories differently through exercise than you do though eating less. 🌸

  • That's great! I read somewhere pills usually cause fluid retention. If you're not exercising try not to go over your 1500 limit. Have a great week!

  • Thats great! Well done, exercise is only half the battle and even without it you can still lose. I think when we are less active we are more aware of what we are eating. Reducing the meds probably helped although docs dont like saying it can make you gain it can definitely effect it. Glad its cheered you up. How is your knee now? Are they doing anything for you?

  • Good on you for keeping the weight loss going when you cant exercise, keep up the good work hope you have a great week.

  • Thank you for all your replies. I was pretty good today after all your support. Really makes a difference! :)

  • Well done, hope you are feeling better.

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