Feeling a bit disappointed :-(

Yesterday before I did my run I weighed myself and I was 72.3kg. Since then I have done a run which I increased my distance from 6k to 6.4k, ate under my calorie limit and now weighing 72.7kg. Ok since Monday to Thursday, I have gone from 11 stone 7.4 to 11 stone 5.6, so I have lost under 2lbs. I am feeling a bit anxious and disappointed about my weight loss journey. Is this normal? P.S I also have an under active thyroid and am on an anti depressant medication too - I hope that's not going to affect my weight loss goal. Please help :-(


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4 Replies

  • I know that it's frustrating but I wouldn't get too caught up in small differences across a short period of time. We are all noticing that we have some heavier days - between Mon and Tue my scales told me that I had put on 1.5 lbs and then it was gone again on Wed! Try to take the longer term view - you're doing all the right things and it will pay off. And don't eat below your cals if you are exercising a lot - you need them :-)

  • I agree with MagsMM 👍 I do weigh every day and whilst it's 'interesting' to see the daily fluctuations I only record my measure on a weekly basis (on Lowcal's Monday Weigh-in) Try not to get hung up on the pre/post work out weight 🏃🌸

  • Your body fluctuates by a couple of lbs each day, so you have to expect it to change slightly, i find a weekly weigh in best, but i know some people weigh in daily but only use 1 weigh in same day same time each week as there official weight. Could be a little water retention so maybe avoid salt. But stay strong sometimes it take a bit longer than we would like to show on the scales. If you are worried about your meds talk to your gp, as some do affect it but not all. Your doing well the scales dont always show us just how well we are doing

  • Hey, a 2lb loss in 3days is actually quite fast loss! It is normal for your weight to fluctuate throughout the day, even by a few pounds morning to evening, so I wouldn't worry about it! Also time of the month can make you retain water etc which will increase your weight a bit. I used to weigh myself all the time like this and stress about it, so I now stick to weighing myself only once a week, that way I don't obsess and it gives a better picture of weight I've actually lost. 🌸

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