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Motivation Needed


I'm really struggling just now with losing weight. In my head I have all the right motivations at the start of each day; that I'm going to go to the gym, eat healthily etc but I find it impossible to stick to!

I have quite a lot of personal stress at time which doesn't help but my partner and I are starting to talk about children and with my current weight (17 stone) it wouldn't be advisable.

If anyone has any tips they would be gratefully received!

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I'm also losing weight to have children which is a great motivator for me. Every time I want to do something I shouldn't I think about why I am doing it and it helps.

I started slowly so making small changes. Trying to be a bit more active, taking the stairs, parking a bit further away and taking a Pilates class. And changing all my snacks to fruit and trying to make more homemade meals. If I'd tried to do everything at once it would have been too hard!

Now I'm doing a full calorie Controlled diet and exercising on my bike most days. I'm only half a stone from my target.

Good luck!


Hi there. I was in your shoes in November, full of good intentions and lost my way totally. I need to lose weight as I have severe arthritis in my knees and I need replacements. I have sleep apnoea, high blood pressure, constant pain. I'm only 43!!! I went to my dietician in tears at the beginning of December. I weighed 24 stone 1lb. After a chat with her and my hubby and my mum and sister etc, etc. I decided the best thing to do was one thing at a time. Small chunks of manageable change. I stopped drinking diet coke first!! Two weeks later I stopped cordial and went to water and tea only. Already I was feeling better. I then did a very low cal diet for 6 weeks, with help from my dietician to get me back on track and not obsessing about food. I started walking more. I then introduced food again as 1200 cals. I've now lost 4 stone. I've stayed the same the past 3 weeks, not sure why but I measured myself and lost more inches so that's fine with me. This week I can tell I've lost weight again. I bought a fitbit zip, and I love it. I have made small changes and I'm a completely changed eater. I have no cravings if I "fancy" something I find its fish and sweet potato rather than crisps!! I had no breakfast yesterday as I was going to softplay with friends and the children, I asked for wholemeal toast, and bacon with the fat cut off. 400 cals but it was lovely and before I would have had my breakfast then had the toast, bacon and a potato scone!!! Small changes to adapt your body, don't do it all at once. Remember that you live to eat and not eat to feed emotion. I really hope you get on track. Its not a sprint its a way of life and you won't do it in one day!!


Well done rudysmummy - great result on the weight-loss front and really helpful post, thanks. Keep up the good work! :-)


Your welcome and I hope you find your way, its a tough few months but you'll do it. What do they say "baby steps" well they have worked for me lol! I have friends coming for tea tonight so I'm making salad, dip and coleslaw and will just make sure I have small portions. I do find however that I can't have big portions anymore as I feel so uncomfortable afterwards. Take care :-)


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