Green tea and fat secret

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether green tea actually aids fat loss? I've always hated it but I had some this morning flavoured with cranberry and it was ok so I could probably manage that if it really was doing me good.

Following a recommendation on here I have downloaded Fat Secret (I normally use MFP). It says I can have 1900 calories vs MFPs 1200. This is a whopping difference. Surely eating 700 extra calories a day isn't going to help me lose weight? What are others experiences of this?


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  • Ive never tried green tea but have heard it helps detox the body, im not a fan of hot drinks but if it works let me know and i will give it a go. I eat 1400cals per day at one point i upped to 1500cals per day for a week and i gained but i think its a personal preference and everybody is different, maybe try for a week and see how you get on, if it doesnt work then drop it a little till you find a level that works for you

  • I've just read an article on green tea and all its benefits. I think I will try and have one cup a day for all the other benefits as well not just the weight loss.

    I'm quite interested in looking into a low carb diet. I think I will find it really hard but from what I have been reading today it looks as though it does wonders for your health.

  • I drank it for a long long time, I also used to use Matcha Powder. I found Green Tea very bitter and not always easy to stomach, the one I found I could drink was Tea Pigs.

    I no longer drink it since I had some major emergency bowel surgery a couple of years ago, strange but it was just one of those things, I lost my appetite for it post-op and never regained it.

    I think the claims that it increases metabolism are very over hyped. Last time I checked which admittedly was a while ago, the general scientific consensus was that you had to drink about 12 cups a day to burn an additional 50 calories, which when you add the fact that you can get almost the same results from drinking bog standard Tea is not that great. Obviously though manufacturers of Green Tea are going push this as a selling point, who wouldn't.

    If you enjoy it then drink it, there are much worse things you could be drinking and 50 cals is 50 cals, for me though I'm sticking with good old Yorkshire Tea :)

  • I wouldn't be able to cope with 12 cups of caffeine. Do you know if you need to drink 12 cups to get the other benefits as well?

  • To be honest I don't know, like I say the problem often with things like this finding honest facts that have not been skewed by someone with a financial interest.

    Personally I would say that drinking Tea is going to have some healthy benefits whether it be 1 cup or 3 :) but I am not basing that on Science just the fact that I enjoy it and so do millions of others and once again there are much worse things to be drinking! Enjoy your Tea.

  • I prefer normal tea, perhaps I will stick to that!

  • I drink 3 cups of green tea a day, I don't mind the taste. But I have tried many and it did take me a while to find a brand that I liked. I don't know if it's having a thermogenic affect on my body but there's no harm in trying it. Also there are other health benefits to drinking it.

  • I personally think it's just something to do, to not eat:) Drinking cold water in the same amount would probably produce the same results. As far as trackers go, Fatsecret, Loseit, MFP among most others are all user defined, meaning members input the nutritional information themselves making for very skewed totals. I personally track my food and exercise with a program I designed for myself. That way I know the nutritional values are accurate which is key to my success. What works for one person may not work for another which is why your finding the huge jumps in allowable daily calories. Very generic to the "general public" and again, all over the map when checking from one to the other. The best advice I can give you is to find what works for you, set a calorie range and watch how your weight responds to it weekly. If your gaining, lower the amount by 10-20 calories at a time, eventually you'll find your range. Same with exercise, find something you enjoy and build from that. Starting with a simple walk is great, adding in light weights...even better. Just make sure what your doing is something you enjoy and can maintain doing. This will allow you to get educated on you. Eventually you will attain the numbers (allowable calories) specific to you and progress from there. Also, not knowing your age, pay close attention to the time of the month, can make for some crazy weigh in's that will correct themselves. Also, it's a good idea to weigh in at the same time daily. I personally like mornings, more consistent for me:) I hope this helps you in some way. It takes time, so enjoy what your doing and enjoy the journey:)


  • I really like green tea and always have a couple of cups a day. But I'm not sure about its weight loss benefits, I've drunk it for years and still got fat lol! 🌸

  • That made me giggle!

  • 😆 the sad truth 🌸

  • I too had a strong dislike of green tea until I got a free gift of green tea with ginger. I decided to visit the Twinnings website and was pleasantly surprised to see how many varieties they have. Cherry Bakewell, Gingerbread, Caramelised Apple and many more. All have natural flavourings and no sugar. They help me because I can pretend I've had something tasty when it was just tea.

  • Ooh I do that too! Ginger ones are my favourite.

  • found this, it might help.

  • Thanks that's interesting. I don't really like it so I think I will concentrate on making other changes that will work!

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