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I think I may have developed a bit of a cabbage problem, I cant seem to eat enough of it!

Last night I had cabbage instead of pasta with my bolognese, massive heap of the shredded white cooked cabbage and hardly any calories. Full to bursting! leaving me enough calories for a treat of a couple of rich tea biscuits and not feeling at all like I have missed out.

tonight its chicken stirfry with 5 spice and soy sauce, loads of shredded white cabbage and spring greens to bulk it out instead of noodles and at the weekend I will be experimenting with veggie lasagne with no butter bechemel sauce and using cabbage leaves instead of pasta sheets.

Finding that wheat and I are not the best of friends and feel queasy when I eat it so pleased to have found an alternative.

Have also tried cauliflower pizza base which was lovely but not really pizza if we are honest, looking forward to giving cauli rice a go with a chilli at some point.

Have just ordered a peeler from ebay which is like a giant pencil sharpener for veg and makes carrot and courgette into slrips like spaghetti, friend of mine showed me a site called A Girl Called Jack, in one of her recipies she uses veg instead of and mixed into spaghetti, really excited to try this!! Also on this site Jack works out cost per portion and gives cheapest options so great on a budget!!

What are your fave substitutes for the 'norm' and what are your cheap and healthy options??

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Cauliflower rice is something i love i eat it frequently instead of rice nowadays, can also use to make a yummy mash. Very filling and low cal.


Skinny lasagne! substitute sheets of pasta with unfolded leek leaves it's fab! Recipe from Hairy Bikers diet book (Hairy Dieters). Well worth a look in my opinion.


Ohhhh agreed Jenever....I have tried this one in the past but forgot all about it!

When I finally demolish the extream cabbage mountain in my fridge and make some space i will have try this again!


Love cabbage, eat it all the time:) As we speak, I have cabbage wrapped meatballs in the oven with mixed riced cauliflower....delicious!


I am doing the same thing with spinach just now - can't get enough of it! I feel like Popeye :-)

I also tried a fab recipe the other night that some of you might like - minced chicken/ turkey (or in my case quorn) stir fried with chili, garlic, ginger and spring onions and then add a little oyster sauce and soy sauce and serve in crisp lettuce leaves... the lettuce balances the wee nip of the chili and it's really tasty and under 200 cals :-)


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