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Yay :) the lbs are coming off again


So finally I've started losing the lbs again in fact this week I've lost 5lbs so far.

Calorie counting wasn't doing it for me I now know why. I even put my calories down from 1400 to 1250 and I never lost a lb not sure how it works but I never. I counted every calorie that passed my lips. I then decided to do weight watchers again as I'd lost a lot in previous years and now the weight is shifting. I am actually now consuming about 1600 calories which will reduce as my weight goes down. I'm still watching my nutrition I put in my body on Jawbone UP24 and My fitness Pal and I've cut salt out completely apart from when I have chips ;) I'm so happy that the needle on the scales are moving again. :p

Can anyone explain to me why if you eat too few a calories you don't lose weight even though your burning more than the calories you consume every day? I was burning about 3000 - 4000 calories a day and I wasn't getting anywhere for about 6 weeks. What I did have though was quite a few dizzy spells even when I was sitting which scared me a little as I suffer from visual vertigo it sort of gets intensified 10 folds.

Question ladies, my feet and hands swell a lot when I'm walking during the evening. I haven't had swollen feet or hands since I was pregnant not sure why I'd be getting it now. BTW I'm not pregnant. I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning they are back to normal but it's so uncomfortable and it's hard to fall asleep when they are as big as they are.

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minnelli in reply to Hidden

Now that's interesting and in my case makes complete since, it's given me something to think about and I will venture out and borrow the book from the library. Thanks for that info bigleg :)

alex7ra in reply to Hidden

I think this is really interesting and something I would love to do. How long does it take before you stop craving the sugar/carbs?

> Talking calories is a total waste of time

or not


Hi there

In my opinion what works for me is counting calories. Probably because I already follow a healthy diet. I don't eat heavy processed food, white pasta or rice, sweets sugar and that.

However even then and being very active (I walk an average of 12 km each day plus runs and gym) I was putting on weight.

Why? My portions where too big. Too many nuts, more wine than I should...

If you don't eat enough calories your body goes into starvation mode to hold on to the weight.

I eat now around 1500 as I need to lose ten kilos. I make sure I eat things that my body can use to fuel and relate itself. Lots of veggies, mushrooms, chia seeds, my homemade yogurt, meat occasionally, organic.

It works for me. Counting calories but eating badly doesn't work for me. I want my body to be strong and healthy.


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I meat *were to big

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I *meant (silly iPad thingy)

minnelli in reply to Hidden

I too watch what I eat, I don't add any sugar to my daily diet I only consume natural sugar from foods. I stopped adding salt to foods which was extremely hard for me being brought up on salted foods. I only eat wholemeal bread, pasta and rice. I do admit to eating other processed foods it's hard not to these days. I eat sweet potatoes instead of normal potatoes and like you I rarely eat red meat I prefer turkey and chicken. I don't snack or truthfully I rarely snack.

I need to be more healthier and add more vegetables, oily fish etc

I'm building my activity up, I'm now walking up to 14000 steps a day, I do cardiovascular exercise 3 times a week for 45 minutes, weights twice a week.

I'm glad the calorie counting is working for you, like you I think portion size is the key. I've actually bought myself a smaller dinner plate.

I agree with you about the body holding onto the weight when not eating enough calories. Being on Weight Watchers is still counting calories I suppose it's just the right amount of calories that's personalized with that persons age,height and weight maybe that's why it's got my weight shifting again.

Good luck losing the 10 kg



Thanks :-) it seems that we are both being very sensible and found what works for our bodies :-)

I just need to stick to it!

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