OMG! A person who is supposed to be a doctor just insulted me

I bumped into someone who is suppose to be a doctor, he told me just now I have put on lots of weight and assumed I'm doing no activity and I don't cook at home! When I was under weight I was depressed and unhappy, I don't look overweight! Some people are just so rude, it's ironic because alot of people have said I look really well. How can he call himself a doctor? Thank God, he isn't my doctor! Idiot!


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  • Thats not nice, nobody has the right to make you feel bad about yourself. Being underweight last year i doubt you look that overweight. As long as you are eating a healthy amount of calories each day and are within a healthy bmi for your height then you are doing well. As hes not your doctor i wouldnt take it to heart, if you are worried speak to your own gp, he can tell you if what you are eating and doing is within a healthy range for you and go from there. He will be able to help you with the depression if it is still a problem.

  • Thank you for your advice and encouragement

  • Thank you for your advice hun. Your posts are always encouraging xx

  • No problem, i try! As i said as long as your gp and you are happy that you are doing everything in a healthy way, then his opinion really doesnt matter

  • He doesn't sound very nice. But to prove it one way or the other try the NHS BMI calculator: it doesn't lie whereas your real doctor might not want to offend you.

  • the nhs bmi calculator is great i use it to see how far ive come and how far ive got left to go.

  • dont feel bad. nobody has a right to judge you when they havent been in your shoes. ;)

  • Well said lojeen :-) some people are just so stupid. Rather than binging on a lot of junk food, I decided to express how I feel on here and plan my next workout ;-)

  • ya definately you should share whatever you are feeling. we are all here to listen ;)... so whats your next workout plans?

  • Maybe a 2 mile interval run with 3 to 4 rounds of toning exercises

  • great .now thats called motivation... im planning on doing yoga ;)

  • Yoga is great choice hun. :-) great for flexibility and core stability

  • thanks let me know how it goes tomorrow .. tc

  • Grrrrr. He should have been more sensitive even without the knowledge that you have been underweight. Go and take out your anger in the gym!

    Dont let his comments affect you. You may wish to lose weight but don't take it too far and end up underweight again which is bad for your health. Sorry that you have had such an experience, I hope your friends and family as well as everyone on here will give you the support you need

  • The older I get the more I've come to the understanding that people who have rude remarks towards others are just venting how they feel about themselves, you just happen to be the person standing in front of them at the time! Nothing to do with you, keep smiling and just be glad they're not your doctor!


  • Amen to that! Your post has certainly made me smile :-)

  • What an a**e! Don't let it get to you, health care professionals can get very desensitised to what they are saying and if they don't know your history, they can't have an opinion!! I'm a student nurse about to qualify and have been in some of the most awkward experiences in consultations over my years of training having heard awful things said to people for which I've had to apologise profusely for and comfort patients over. It's hard to believe how some of these doctors have gotten through life so far with such shocking social skills and zero empathy!

    That being said I'd rather have a socially retarded doctor who could save my life than a friendly one who couldn't lol.

    Anyway, you focus on you, you know where you're at and how much you are doing to better your health so screw anyone who tries to imply otherwise. 😆Enjoy your workout! 🌸

  • That would have annoyed me AV28. Is there a tiny possibility he was joking? Some men think they are being funny but they are NOT. If he was being serious then he is an idiot. Take no notice!

  • Thats not nice talk...forget it and be happy for doing well..some people get jealous..have a good week...

  • I wouldn't call a man like him a dr. Grrrr. I know it's frustrating and makes you angry, been there and know it well. Luckily I have a great gp who talked to me about what my reasons for dieting was, and although when I had my ED over twenty yrs ago he could see how much I gained he was extremely tactful about my weight and very encouraging. There is something else to take in to account with the bmi chart he told me about bone structure like for example if you are large frame and you was the same height and weight as a small frame, your body would look different and underweight compared to the small frame person. Sounds complex to me but I looked into it and he's right. Talk to your gp about this Drs comment and ask him about how much does he think would be appropriate to lose before setting a goal. As a former ED patient I'm under my gp who watches me carefully so I don't get tempted to think Hohhot just half a stone more.... , then just half a stone more.... Talk to your gp first Hun..... Good luck on your journey Hun x

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