Plus sized wars!

Did you watch this programme last night on tv? what did you think? As an obese person trying to lose the weight I was gobsmacked!! Those obese girls/women are now role models for the younger generation, it seems to have gone from one fad of skinny to obese models. Having "fans" on the internet is encouraging obesity, some of the girls are pretty in face with nice hair and confident in their body but it is long term health issues which will be the problem, although I did hear one of the pretty girls saying she had lost 2 stone when she applied for a model agency. I felt so sorry for the girls who had gone to meet the American "model" especially the girl who had the different wigs, her self esteem was so low it was sad. She definitely needs support in her lifestyle. Encouraging obesity is not good, I know I prefer to be slim than obese, I don't want to go out and buy plus size clothes, size 14 will do me nicely, thank you. When I get there I shall be so pleased, I will do it this time as I have found this site and MFP which really is a great incentive to keep going. I wouldn't say I was confident in my obesity , I don't flaunt it but I don't hide in the corner either , if you know what I mean!? Unfortunately there are a lot of young obese people nowadays, is it the fault of the parent? is it peers? is it the system? is it laziness? is it convenience? We know it is a habit you get into, at least it is/was for me. It didn't happen overnight, I wasn't always obese but these young ones seem to have been born into obesity acceptance, which is sad. What ever the reason, obesity shouldn't be flaunted on tv as a good thing, yes its nice to have fashionable clothes and style but lifestyle help, awareness and advice should be more available not quick fix gastric belt/surgery etc, obesity "fans" on the net, acceptance of their size is in my opinion a definite no, no. Hope I haven't offended anyone but I believe that if we are honest with ourselves it is true, obesity is not an overnight "happening". Fat can go on quickly but takes a long time to come off and then its the struggle of keeping it off, but surely it will be worth it in the end??!!


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7 Replies

  • I couldn't agree more! It's either one extreme or another isn't it, either they're encouraging anorexia or obesity. What is wrong with being healthy?!!! No wonder our society is obsessed! I didn't watch it but saw it advertised. I agree with the principals of not 'fat shaming' people and not looking for/ pointing out the flaws on every single person. Everyone is different shapes /sizes. However, those girls cannot have been healthy carrying all that extra weight. Part of what spurs us on to lose weight is the social unacceptable of obesity so if this goes, how much more will obesity rise? I think for alot of people obesity is an eating disorder, so maybe more psychological support is what's needed to help people rather than surgery. Don't worry your post wasn't offensive. Just honest. 🌸

  • I couldn't agree more, love your post! The media is so influential as well. I wish they would reduce cookery programmes, and put some fitness programmes on instead!

  • I like the fact of boosting self-confidence no matter your size, as too many times we have been fat shamed, and I love that obese people feel beautiful and sexy and want to make the most of their looks, enough with hiding under black baggy clothes!

    Having said that, all of them should be aiming to be in the slightly overweight/healthy range, it's obvious that if they don't make an effort they are at high risk of having major health issues.

  • I agree that advertising being obese is a good thing same as advertising being a size 0 is a good thing, i do believe that showing teens to be body confident is a good thing though, regardless of size, shape, race etc.. people should be aloud to be happy in their own skin without society telling us it is unacceptable. These women who are obviously good at being models are being forced to stay at a size that is potentially unhealthy for them because being a "normal" sized model is probably a lot harder to get to as they are normally stupid skinny. I wish they would show real sized women in magazines size 10-14 is more than healthy enough and would encourage people to aim for a sensible healthy size, rather than one extreme or the other. Damn this society we live in, i agree when you go to the doctors for help being overweight you should be given help to make healthy changes in what we eat and do and how we think, surgery should be the absolute last option after everything else has failed, teach the people to be healthy not ashamed of themselves.

  • Spot on. A huge problem is overweight people thinking it's normal and not realising it's a problem. The NHS Choices BMI calculator doesn't lie and it's shocking: I'm 6 ft 1 inch and 12st 7lb and apparently 7lb over my ideal weight! I don't know ANYONE of similar sized friends who are as skinny as me!

  • Are you sure? I'd have thought you're within the right BMI for your height/weight. Try another weight site, 24.9 is the shut off base for healthy BMI. You'd be fine for modelling.

  • Ha ha. Great thought :-) What i meant was 12 st was dead centre of range.

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