I'm back in the game :-)

After a crappy day yesterday, I have had a good day with my eating and yes, I did exercise today and feel great for it. I am dreading the scales but I took my training to the next level and did high intensity cardio intervals on the bike, xtrainer and treadmill and I did 4 rounds of lat pull downs, squat jumps and squats, sit ups and oblique sit ups, press ups, walking lunges, planks and side planks and triceps dips


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  • Wow, you must be fit. If not, you are getting there! Congratulation.

  • Yes i would say your back in the game, sounds like you kicked butt yesterday makes me tired just reading your post!

    Hope you have a great week ahead.

  • Good for you, not letting one day ruin all your hard work. Glad you are back on track and sounding really fit, again good for you

  • Thank you so much. This proves to me rest days are so worth it. Because of the rest, my muscles recovered and I trained much harder.

  • good for you ... great work....;)

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