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Week 4

Weighed myself this morning lost 2lb, left the obese status and now under 11 stone! 😀 I am so pleased- if I can do it anyone can. I have struggled with my weight for years .

What is helping me?

1 I continue to complete mfp daily,

2 Read your posts to help me keep motivated,

3 Take a day at a time 'I am going to stay in control today' looking too far ahead becomes too daunting.

4 set myself small realistic goals.

5 if I have a bad day (which happens to everyone) it's a bad day I have not gone back to the beginning-try to get right back on plan the next day.

Good luck everyone in you weight loss journey,

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Well done you on your 2lb loss, ive lost the same this week and i also left the obese status last week so im now just overweight! Im just under the 12 stone mark now but its nice to say 11 something, it sound so much better.

Good luck with your week ahead.


Thank you, you are doing really well too. It is so good to be able to share with others that understand . 😀


Thank you, i know what you mean about being able to share as iv'e been to slimming world before many times and you feel like you pay your money your weighed and then off you go on your own for a week but here you can chat at anytime.


Hey well done on your loss, you have made great progress you should be so proud. I totally agree with all your points its exactly what i do.


Thank you 😀


That's great! Congrats! Keep it up!


Thank you for your support 😀


Well done Rosie23. I'm desperately hoping to leave the obese stage in a few weeks also. Your 5 steps are very helpful and i will take them on board during my weightloss journey. Keep up the good work :-)


Thank you hope you have a good week too 😀


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