Shocking news story about diet pills

Just saw a tragic story on msn about a young girl who took diet pills which she bought over the internet and died a horrible death as a result. It turns out that the pills contain a substance similar to TNT!

If anyone is tempted to lose weight "the easy way" with pills etc please don't. The "hard way" of healthy eating and exercise might take a lot longer but at least we will be around to achieve our goals and enjoy life.


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3 Replies

  • I read it on sky news, very sad. I would never buy things like that on the internet you never know whats in them. Its a shame someone had to die for them to look into the issue really.

  • Hmm this is the problem with people wanting a quick fix. It really is very sad that somebody had to suffer and die to highlight this problem, lets home the message hits home and nobody else falls foul of these dreadful potions.

  • Not 'alf and there's plenty coming to this site wanting a quick fix. I wonder why we allow ourselves to get so bad in the first place, then I realise

    1 its easy

    2 it's hard to get rid of it once its there

    I've had a couple of wake up calls and still struggle, but at least mine's on the downward slide now.

    I really feel for that girl - and her family. We've had warnings about internet shopping for many years. Because of the way medicines are controlled in the UK anything bought online will almost certainly be questionable.

    Sadly, I fear she wont be the last

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