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Rest Day turned a bit disastrous


I hope everyone has had a good day. My rest day with no exercise has been a bit disastrous, I have eaten well over my calorie limits and feel terrible for it. I was doing well for 4 days and fell off the wagon today :-(

Although I am dreading the weigh in day now, I am going to do my best not to let this drag me down. After reading a few people's weightloss success stories, it's good to know when they have fallen of the wagon, they have got back up again and achieved their goals. Anyway I have recorded all my calories I have consumed so at least I know where I can improve. So tomorrow is a new day and YES I will be exercising :-) I will be doing cardio and weights tomorrow

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yeh I also fell off the wagon this weekend.

I have kept off 16.5 lbs , now have to lose the 3lbs I have put on.

Weigh in day is Friday so I am exercising and trying to be careful when socialising this week.

Good luck and here's hoping everyone like us gets back on track


Good for you! we all have bad days where we fall off the wagon, i think the key is to get back on track again, and by still calculating everything you can see what foods were your downfall for future reference. I find it difficult to have rest days as i feel restless like i should be doing something and definitely struggle more with snacking, i have found on those days i do something with my hands i like crafty things and im less likely to want to snack with glue on my hands been doing a lot of paper mache projects lately, find something thats keeps your mind off snacking, as if your anything like me boredom can be a nightmare. Good luck getting back on track

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Awww thanks for the post. I feel much better after reading your post. As much as rest days are important, I feel restless and bored on them. X


Glad im not alone in that, think its all this extra energy we have nowadays lol

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