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this morning my car had a flat battery (thanks to my son for informing me that I hadn't shut one of the doors so the interior light has been on for two days after I found the battery was flat) so I got my bike out of the garage.the bike looked shocked so much so the tyres deflated (well they hadn't been used for 6 years) so my arm work out was tyre pumping several times(new inner tubes needed) and my legs was cycling into town and back..sounds amazing huh? ok so I had to stop and throw up at one point, my body is wobbling like jelly and my lungs might never be the same again as I'm fairly sure I coughed one out half way home... but I brought a battery charger and attached it and did all this by myself..if i could raise my arms I'd pat myself on the back but I can't so is doing a feeble wave instead..by the way cycle seats..which evil person invented them? fairly sure I've lost my virginity again

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Hahaha, cycling is great, I hope you get on your bike again soon!


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