Here I go again

Hi everyone

I'm starting week one today. I've got a lot to lose - around 7 stones - so I'll be around a long time!

I've got to make this work - I'm 62 years old and sore all over with joint pains and feel that if I don't do it this time, there might not be another chance

Sorry if that sounds depressing but I need to be realistic and I'm actually feeling upbeat about this - seeing it as a real challenge and opportunity

Good luck to you all! Keep in touch!


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10 Replies

  • Welcome, I hope you find what you need in this community. You'll find many motivational posts here! Start by dowloading an app on your phone to keep track of calories (Fat Secret, My Fitness Pal...), it's a great aid! Good luck!

  • Thanks for the tip - I'll do that

  • Well done to you for being so honest about it. I only started last week but already finding that people on here have lots of tips and ideas and most importantly everyone seems so supportive which really helps motivate you!

    Just keep going and remember even the little steps are better than none at all!

    good Luck :)

  • Thanks for that input - I think it sounds like I need to put aside a little time each day to spend on this!

  • Hi I want to lose around 8 to 9 stone more if I can I just want to look and feel better in myself

  • Good luck Jenny, I know how you feel

  • got a good eight stone to loose myself so you are not alone..hugs

  • Thanks Sue

  • Thank you so much for that advice, I'll look at the blog and check out the main site. The app sounds good - I'll get it tonight!

  • Hi and welcome to the forum, lots of supportive people here who understand the struggles of weight loss! I can't really add much by way of starting tips to what has already been said, but I wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing how you get on 🌸

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