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Rest Day Tomorrow

Hi guys

I have worked out for 4 days in a row now and according to my fitness pal I have eaten under my calorie limit 4 days in a row. I am going to have a day off from exercising tomorrow because I feel it is very important for the body to rest and muscles to recover. I have noticed that when I was planning tomorrow's meals, I will be slightly over in my calories :-/ BUT I do have some excess calories from the last 4 days because I ate within my calorie limits. What do you think guys?

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It's better for your body to exercise alternate days, depending of course what the exercise is. I run on alternate days but I walk around five miles each of the other days. You could alternate, say running with strength or toning.

And never eat back the exercise calories - ignore them on MFP - they're a bonus when you want to lose weight!


Hey i totally agree, its important to give our bodies time to rest up, as if we dont we end up in pain and unable to do anything. I find that varying my calorie amount eaten each day beneficial as it stops our bodies getting used to the amount we eat, so if you have been under the last few days going a little over today wont hurt too much. Have a great week


I think you will be absolutely fine.

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