Hey guys!

I just wanted to share my progress photo with you. My weight loss journey has been slow, but progressive. I've been on a serious health kick since January and though I've only lost 22lb, the biggest difference is in my body shape.

Taking update photos is a massive confidence boost-I definitely recommend it.

Keep going guys, we can do it!



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18 Replies

  • Wow well done Kate🎉🎉, you look so different, and loads younger!! It's great that you're feeling so much better about yourself, it really shows☺ wish you all the best in reaching your goals 🌸

  • Thanks Anna-that means a lot 😊😊

  • Thats awesome, well done, you can really see the difference. Again well done :-)

  • Well done, excellent result, think of all those new clothes you'll be getting :)

  • Well Done! You've done really well. :)

  • Brilliant, well done 🌼

  • Keep on trucking babes !!! 😜😜😜

  • Ok....tell us HOW ?? 💐🌼🌻

  • Thanks love, I will 🌷🌼! I started running (well jogging very slowly) with my flatmate, walking everywhere instead of driving, and not buying cheese (I used to eat so much cheese)! It's not been quick but I'm getting there 🌷🌷🌷

  • Wow. Well done you look great, so much younger. Thanks for sharing. I went out last night with some very glamorous friends and they'd posted pics on fb this morning. I could have cried. I've lost 7lbs so far and was feeling good but when I saw the photos I felt devastated. Seeing your pics has made me realise it's a work in progress and I can get there. Thanks x

  • Hey! :) be proud of your 7lb weight loss, half a stone is something to be proud off! Trust me, your hard work will pay off and I bet even if you don't notice changes straight away, your friends and people around you will :)


  • Thanks for the encouragement, I really want to do this x

  • Kate

    You are a true inspiration. You look fantastic. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the great work :-)

  • Thanks for sharing! It's very inspirational to read stories like yours!

  • well done.. looking good

  • Wow, Katee, you are looking absolutely beautiful and so much younger!! Well should be proud of yourself!

  • Can't believe it's the same person! Like mum and daughter, honestly! (A very young mum, I need to say! Or a very young daughter :) ) Well done and enjoy your success!

  • Hi angel xx

    WOW‼ How can you say ONLY‼ You look absolutely gorgeous!! Keep up the good work and enjoy the journey to a new you!

    Take care and angel blessings XX{~°~}XX

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