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A great start :-)

I have just done a 6k interval run just now and even improved my time on it. I am really pleased I have managed 4 workouts this week which includes 2 6k interval runs, 2 high intensity circuit training sessions and another 2 mile run on top of that. Hopefully all this hard work will pay off for my weightloss along with sensible eating :-)


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Sounds like you have been really working hard, hope the weigh in shows just how well you are doing

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I already feel a positive difference working out like this, hopefully all this hard work will pay off. How is you doing?


Wow you have really put in some work. If this is your first week you should really see a difference. I hope that your weigh in results reflect all your hard work and well done to you.


Crikey! Don't overdo it. You are best to increase exercise in slow steady amounts to make it more sustainable. Well done though.


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