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Just made MB's carrot/walnut cake with mascarpone walnut topping as I enjoy baking. Decided to check cals on internet - 763 cals per slice!! cake allows for 8 people. I enjoy baking but for today because I've done a lot of exercise I may allow myself 1/16 portion just to see what it tastes like. I love baking but fortunately for me, I think, I'm one of these people that likes to lick spoon/bowl rather than eat cake. Yes I know that is also cals but not as bad as eating cake!! As my hubby is slim he will be eating cake all week and I won't be tempted. According to MFP app I've earned over 1000cals with going swimming and riding my bike, but in all honesty I take them cals burnt with pinch of salt and prefer to "allow" them but not use them, if that makes sense.

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  • My goodness😨 that's over half my day allowance!! And I'm sure I could easily manage 2 slices... I love baking too, I have coeliacs though so I get around it by making other people cakes filled with gluten so I can't even be tempted by the bowl licking (trust me really not worth it). I'm sure a small piece won't hurt as long as you count it in, enjoy it!

    I agree with not eating your exercise calories, I feel that mfp overestimates a bit on calories burned and there's no easy way of telling exactly as it depends on effort, weight, body composition etc. But I still enter activity as I have done it and it's nice to get an estimation. 🌸

  • Ate my 1/16 of a slice but wont be bothering again. Had crust off granary bread that I'd made and enjoyed that better than the cake. Know what you mean about entering activity its an achievement and more so when you see how many cals apparently used LOL

  • That's a lot of calories. When you start adding up the calories in your food it's a bit of a wake up call isn't it? Same happened to me when I calculated the amount of calories in my favourite meal...lasagne, I just couldn't believe it but the fab people on this site gave me some really tasty alternatives. I'm not as good as you though, I enjoy cooking but I've decided if I can't eat it I'm not cooking it, selfish maybe but I prefer to think of it as self preservation! Have a good week.

  • You can still make lasagne or anything you like by using low cal ingredients or do what I do and put all the ingredients into MFP app and work out cals for the whole product, write total amount on paper and divide by 4 or 6, depending on portion size. Delete all the ingredients and then just put in your portion size, its easy and if you find one ingredient is too high then substitute for something else. Its easy once you get into the habit of doing it. Good luck!

  • Wow thats a lot of calories, well done on having the will power to only have a taster. Im a picker when eaten but been sticking to veg nowadays so big improvement. But how you check how it tastes without testing it? Your husband is a lucky man. Maybe research some lowcal treats for yourself so you can enjoy what you bake? Have a good week

  • Just got on scales and am back to what I was before Easter egg and the follow on blip days. But as I changed day to Tuesday last week then tomorrow is "official" weighin day so fingers crossed I may be able to lose another lb if I really work at it. I've got 11 weeks before holidays so want to really stay focused now-fingers crossed.

  • Thats great, i think most of us had to work to get back to pre-easter weight lol. Have a good day

  • fingers crossed for tomorrow!

  • I hoed you enjoyed your slice of cake! Drink a lot of water and increase your activity right after overeating, it will help!

  • Love my water-sparkling straight from fridge, so long as its cold there's no problem. Off to do bike ride soon cos its so gorgeous out. Didn't actually enjoy cake, prefer ice-cream-just like baking.

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