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End of Week 1

I'm nearly at the end of week 1, found Monday to Friday reasonably easy but have been struggling yesterday and today, don't seem to have much energy. I've also just got a bit behind with my dissertation, so I'm hoping if I catch up with that I'll feel better generally. Fingers crossed for my weigh in tonight (and hopefully I'll have done some stats too)

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Hey radb500, weekends are always harder for me too, so much more temptation, I always plan a favourite meal for Friday or Saturday night so I feel like I'm indulging in something yummy. Have a cauliflower based pizza next weekend to try..!

I am in the same position with my dissertation, so behind and I'm working full time too. Meant to be doing it now but procrastinating on here instead..! 😞can't wait until it's done and I don't have to think about it anymore!

Hopefully your weigh in will go well for you this evening as this will motivate you more for the coming week! Best of luck 🌸


Weekends are not easy, but you'll learn to deal with them. Allow yourself to have a pasta meal if you need the energy, good luck!


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