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Newbie here but no newbie to a diet !!


Good morning I am a 35 year mum according to my BMI results I need to loose 8st 1lb. I have tried every diet under the sun but have realised that there is no quick fix it is going to take time and hard work to lose this. I know the basics that food is there to fuel my body not my emotions and that a banana is a better choice than a packet of crisps or bar of chocolate however that is all easier said than done. I am hoping that by following the 12 week plan I will be able to make put those basics into practise. I have also never used a forum before so also hoping that by posting my progress this will also help me. My first bit of advice I am looking for is regarding exercise. I went for a walk yesterday it was only 30 minutes but its a start I suppose but afterwards my ankles and shin muscles totally killed as the day went on it was sore to walk and this morning it is agony. I know that carrying an extra 8 stone wont be helping but I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and has any tips. I dont want this pain to demotivate me.

Thanks for listening.

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Hi Chellbell,

I absolutely hear what you are saying about all those diets, and that you know the reasons for putting on weight. I'm exactly the same as you...been there, done that!

I started the plan a couple of weeks ago (although began counting properly last week). It all seems very good and keeps you on track. For me the forum is something new as well, but it's a good motivator.

If you are not used to exercise then those muscles are bound to hurt. Might be work just checking with your GP and letting them know you're on the plan and what hurts. You might well find though that is the exercise is part of your daily routine the pains just go as your body gets used to it.

I think that the NHS journey (I don't like calling it a plan) is for the long term. Unlike other diets there won't be a massive loss at first as your body goes into shock. But because you change your habits the path is a slower one, but a more purposeful one (I hope so anyway).

So good luck, keep on the forum, and let us know how you get on. This is a journey we are all on and the feeling I have from the forum is everyone is here to help.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. I am actually feeling really excited about the change and deciding I am never going on a diet again I am just changing what I eat. I think you might be right about my body not being use to it I was thinking about day and i dont actually walk any distance so I will keep going and maybe visit the doctors if the pain persists. Good luck to you too and I will certainly continue to post


Hi chellbell, and welcome to the forum, you are in good company here with lots of supportive people who understand the struggles of weight loss! It sounds like you have a good attitude towards your weight loss and the NHS plan is a great place to start. I'd also recommend downloading a calorie counting app such as my fitness pal to track your intake.

As for the exercise, a 30min walk is great! I'm sorry you're experiencing pain though, I expect is a combination of weight and not having done any exercise for a while. Doing something that causes you pain is counter productive as you won't be able to do it every day. Maybe you should try non weight bearing exercise for a while, I've started with cycling (on a static bike at home) using the couch to 5k app which is really good for building up your fitness. Swimming is also a good one, though I have not yet summoned the courage to don my cozi in public.

Your muscles probably need easing in gently and stretching out a bit, I use a pilates dvd at home for this which has 5 10min sessions that focus on different area of the body. There is also the NHS strength and flex programme you could try?

I hope your poor legs feel better soon and wish you all the best! Looking forward to hearing how you get on 🌸

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Hi Anna999 thanks so much for taking the time to reply to me. Thanks for the advice I will def look into the stretching and pilates. I am feeling very motivated today and looking forward to the change.


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You're welcome, it is a slow process but you will get there! I like your outlook of never going on a diet again, I feel the same, have been on so many extreme diets and yoyoed for years so this way of looking at it is refreshing. I'm just finishing week 4of the NHS plan and have been losing steadily and don't really feel like I'm on a diet, just changing the bad habits! I'm on week 3 of the bike programme and already finding it easier, (my bum is only just getting used to the saddle though haha) if I can do it anyone can! Your positivity will take you where you want to be ☺🌸

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Hi Anna, this bike program, is it off the NHS website? I bought a bike a few weeks ago but was wondering how to use it to its full potential. I felt it only works on the legs, plus a sore groin/backside. 😖

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There is this one that you can download from here

But I'm currently just using the couch to 5k running app and keeping a moderate steady pace with moderate resistance for the walking bits and higher resistance and fast pace for the running bits. Yes it gives you a sore bum but you kind of get used to it! I find it does work the legs the most but if you tighten and pull in your abdominal and glutes it works the muscle groups better. It was a compromise for me as I wanted to start running but am unable to run for a few months due to a knee operation,and the leg strengthening is good for my rehab. My plan is to move on to the one in the link above after I've done the 9weeks of couch to 5k. Hope that helps! 🌸

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Thanks, i will look it up. I am doing C25K at the moment but having an op next Friday and will not be able to run for 5 weeks. I will check with doc to see if I can ride instead.

Hi Chellbell, you are in the right place. NHS is a good place to start. Regarding exercises, 30 minutes walk is a great start. If I was you I would give a day rest after a walk to allow your muscles time to repair and becoming stronger. Work on it following the same principle as Couch to 5 K. Three times a week with a day rest in between. If starting with 30 minutes is too painful, start with 15 or 20 then add on a couple of more minutes at every walk. Eventually you may even want to think about 20 seconds running, then thirty and so on and eventually try the Couch to 5k program. You will be surprised. I went from Obese to slightly overweight. If I can do it, so can you. Small steps at a time. Small goals. Don't punish yourself. Be happy. Use lively music to move about. Actually walk with your iPod and you will slowly step to the music without realising it. You can do it.

Welcome to the group, very helpful supportive people on here so you have come to the right place. I understand where you are coming from so much, i started 25 weeks a go with 9st to lose (daunting isnt it?) Best advice i can give you is:

1. Download a calorie counting app like myfitnesspal, so easy to use

2. Set smaller goals aiming for 8st 1lb will seem impossible so always aim for smaller goals i tend to concentrate on 1st at a time.

3. Take it one day at a time, if 30 mins has left you in a lot of pain, maybe start with a 10-20 min walk each day then gradually increase as you feel able to. I started doing step ups on my wii fit board in front of the tv for 10 mins each evening, now i do 20 mins minimum on my cross trainer then weights on top at least 5 times a week, plus walking on top.

4. Remember you are human, you will have bad days, we all tend to be our own worst enemy, and will build up the smallest lapse into the worst thing in the world, just learn form what triggered that lapse and keep moving forward to your goals.

5. Try to not think of it as a diet, its a lifestyle change that will sustain your weight and health for the rest of your life, diets tend to be temporary things including the weight we lose while on them.

6. The nhs 12 week plan is a great starting block for weight loss and changing those bad habits that got us all here in the first place

This forum is a great place to shares the highs and lows of your weight loss journey, you will see many of us doing weekly weigh ins and post it online, i find it helps to keep you focused as no one wants to post a bad weigh in, but when we do we get support and ideas on how we can move forward.

Good luck with your weight loss

Hello Chellbell, I agree with what others have said about the NHS 12 week weight loss plan, I'm almost at the end of week 3 and I've honestly enjoyed it. A lifestyle change is the only way I think, I've also been on every diet but I've never enjoyed anything as much as this time. People on this forum are wonderfully supportive and if you have a question there is always someone able to offer helpful advice. It's the first time I've become involved on a forum and I've found so many people who truly understand the difficulties and problems involved when you decide to lose weight, people here will share your highs and lows and give you the encouragement you need when you need it. I'm so exercise adverse it's not true but even I have started an exercise regime this week, I've only done a 20 minute session each day, alternating between static bike and yoga DVD, I've just bought an exercise DVD that I will begin using next week. Good luck with your new lifestyle and look forward to reading about your success.

It's going to take time, but it's doable. Well done for starting and this place will help.

When you are doing exercise especially at the start you will get pain and maybe a lot of pain. If it's your muscles aching, a dull agony that goes on for a day or so after exercise then it's good. If it's sharp pain, especially if it affects how you walk then you may be injured and that's not good at all.

For the dull pain (Delayed On Muscle Soreness - DOMS) have a warm bath after exercise, take ibuprofen and google "foam roller massage"

For sharp pain/injury see your doctor.

I've been doing couch to 5k (running) and I've had sore legs most weeks since I started. "Pain is weakness leaving the body" - trite but true.

Well done and welcome. I joined only yesterday and like you have a long way to go- I have to lose 4.7 stones. We are all in the same situation and I completely get how you feel. It is a lifestyle change not just a diet change. I am certain you can do it - the forum is really good for getting inspiration and motivation. As for the pain in your legs - it will get better but you have to continue with the exercise - next week you will feel a big difference in how u feel when u execise. Best of luck!

Welcome, I hope you find what you need in this community. You'll find many motivational posts here! Start by dowloading an app on your phone to keep track of calories (Fat Secret, My Fitness Pal...), it's a great aid! Good luck!

Hi Chellbell79

I'm so with you. I've just left one of the popular weight loss clubs - the one where you can apparently eat as much free food as you need. After 1 year I lost 5.5lb and spent a huge amount of cash as well as investing my time in clapping and celebrating everyone else's weight loss.

I know everyone is different and I need to look after myself with the weekly £5 and 2 hours better spent on my gym membership and attendance!

Like you I know what to do, it's just a case of putting it all into action. But I am feeling inspired by the Paralympics. I have no disabilities except carrying an extra 5.5 stone of fat around with me, yet all these people without limbs and other disabilities they didn't ask for get off their backsides and train so hard to achieve super-human results and I can't control what I put in my mouth.

Hope that helps


Good Luck, I'm a newbie too with over 3 stones to lose. I've accepted this will take some time for a change and I'm focussing instead on how good it feels to eat clean, more fruit and vegetable and less processed food and alcohol. I've been parking the car 2 miles from work and walking - my hips aches but I'm carrying on. I remember how good being slim feels!

Hi there, I am new too.

I had terrible aching feet and legs for ages after my daughter was born. I went to a podiatrist it was so bad, and she recommended Fitflops- I must say they are brilliant for supporting your feet and preventing aches and pains. I also recommend lying on the floor/bed with your legs up the wall for 5-10 mins to let fluids drain from your lower legs and rest your nervous system (yoga tip).

And of course starting out is always very difficult, well done for starting on your journey, I wish you well!

I am 62 now and need to lose at least 2 stones, but dont exercise as much as I used too as knees hurt so even though you are younger I can empathise.

I notice this was 3 years ago so how are you do I g now? xx

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Sadly, I don’t think the person who posted this has been active here in the last three years. 😕

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