Wasn't to bad!

So I have finished my first week, am weighing myself every two weeks as I want to see the scales go down. Haven't gone hungry, ok I ate a little more than I should of one day, had 2 of my sons animal biscuits yesterday. But am still feeling determind.

Turned down eating my Easter egg last night, god that was hard but I thought to myself I didn't need it. Now comes the real struggle, the boyfriend home for the weekend, this is when the craving start and the hunger. If I can get through the weekend I know I can do it.

Can anyone help on portion size, how much of what is right?

I don't understand the nhs health plan to much.


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  • Thete is no easy way to assess portion size unless you measure your food, weigh it on kitchen scales, or use a measuring jug, etc. Some foods are impossible to guess eg. 50g dry rice, or 70g dry pasta has to be weighed (and it doesn't look much before its cooked, and only marginally better afterwards😁) but thats the onky way you'll be able to calculate your daily calories. Some products of course have the info on the packet, but its still wise to weigh everthing .

  • P.S i should have said, weigh out a quantity, look up its calorie value on an app calculator like myfitnesspal, then decide if that portion is about right or too much , to fit into your daily maximum ( for most of us this is a maximum 1400 cals a day to lose weight, some need less )

  • Ah yes, I completely forgot about weighing foods, but I mean like the hole dinner size? When you you finish eatiñg? When the hungry goes or when you start to feel full?

  • If you weigh out your normal portion of food, the amount you'd normally serve yourself, then look up the calorie value. You will soon see if your portions are about ok, or too big for losing weight.... all you have to do is keep to a daily maximum, (usually for most women that's approx 1400 per day.)

  • I think the NHS plan gives advice on how many cals to aim for in each meal, I'd say about 400 per meal and 200 for drinks and snacks? As elliebath said, weighing stuff out is the only way to know exactly how much of what you're eating. Take a look at the Livewell plate to look at the proportions of each food group you should be having in each meal. Well done for completing your first week, you sound really positive so I'm sure you will succeed ☺ best of luck for week 2 🌸

  • Yes I have given myself 1200-1400 cals a day, am just adjusting speadeding out the cals during the day so I'm not hungry. Yes I feel great starting week 2.

  • Well done

  • Thank you.

  • Using scales is the best way to deal with portion sizes, although you can get many tips and guides on what is a good portion size. Well done on getting through week 1, the first few weeks can be the hardest. A great way to save calories on meals and still feel full is to find ways to incorporate more veg, a fave thing of mine at the mo is cauliflower and broccoli blitzed in a blender to rice sized pieces boiled with seasoning then used instead of rice, really filling and full of nutrients and low cal, this works great with currys and other sauce based foods, you can even turn it into a mash by blitzing after you boil it, again. Trial and error til you find things you enjoy really, google is full of ideas to try and it doesnt have to cost a fortune, homemade soup is great too as it will only have what calories you put into it and can be frozen for future use. Good luck with the second week, stay strong :)

  • Yes I am having lots more fruit and veg now, even if it only a very few at the moment but getting there. And starting to substitute cars for veg and still being full. Thank you.

  • Good luck on your week 2! It must be difficult to way no to biscuits and chocolate when having them around for the kids. Be strong!

  • Oh it is, even turned down Chinese while the boyfriend sat and ate it infront of me. Feel very positive this time.

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