Crashed and burned AGAIN!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Yep I've done it again..... Eaten chocolate,drank to much wine

And today I feel so dammed pissed with myself !!!

Why do I do it ? 👿

Why can't I just remain on track ? 😈

7 weeks in and I have spoilt my goals..... I'm 50 on the 29th April and had set a goal weight in my head, wanted to feels and look my best.

Pissed with myself.......same old story I'm bored you lot must be.


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17 Replies

  • You've got to be good now as you know you'll need those extra calories for your birthday celebrations. Smackie legs otherwise for you!

  • Indeed !!! Smackie legs for me......

  • You're being too brutal with yourself. Chocolate and wine for a day or two do not ruin an otherwise healthy regime. But if it really bothers you, just deduct an extra 100cals or whatever each day for a week to balance things out. This worked for me . I had many holidays/parties etc during my weight loss journey. I lost 28 lbs. And since I moved up to 1500 maintenance Ive actually lost a further 1.5 lbs. Bmi now 22.

    Get back on the horse you'll be ok 😊

  • Dear ELLIBATH: Wow. That's amazing. Good for you. This just goes to show it's ok to treat yourself and you can achieve your goals :-) keep up the good work

  • Thanks, but the main reason I kept my "treats" was cuz I knew that if I didnt allow myself the odd sweet or wine then I'd cave in big time ( and probably alienate my partner too ) . So I simply calorie counted them in....sometimes even a whole bottle of wine ....and I adjusted over the next couple days. My loss was slow, 30 lbs in a year, but I feel I can keep it off.

  • ellibath

    That's what I need to hear....

    Thank you 😀

  • Good girl, keep at it. So you're going to be what? The sun is shining and you're doing ok ...

  • I know exactly how you feel, I have completely gone off the rails. I have done the same and I am pissed off too because I have a family holiday in July and and now stressing because nothing fits. I just cant find the motivation anymore.

  • You've still got time Junijack. Get back into to healthy eating and exercise and you could lose at least 10lbs by your holiday. You know you'll enjoy the family holiday even more then.

  • Thanks eeek1110, I will try again. Fingers crossed.

  • Junijack

    Motivation is the word !!!! I know we have these fantastic events coming up and what do WE do ??? EAT more.....

    Not sure what the answer is.

  • Hi June, your right I dont know what the answer is. I know I am going to be a right misery if everything feels too tight. Wish there was a miracle slimming pill so I could wake up 2 stone lighter in the morning.

  • Please don't beat yourself up about it, it isn't the end of the world!

    Think about what lead you to go over your calorie goal, were you tired? stressed? or just fancied something sweet at the time? If you know what it is that led you to the moment, you can plan healthier snacks to stop the same from happening in the future.

    So you ate too many calories this time, you can always balance it out for the rest of the week. I have overeaten like this before and I try to be strict with myself on other days or go for a swim to burn off some calories :)

    You can do it!

  • I wasnt stressed or tired I just wanted to eat cheese and chocolate and drink wine so I did. I knew I would regret it but couldnt stop. I will just have to start again.

  • Thank you all and yes I need to dig deep !!!! Again

    It's down to me and me alone to overcome this urge to eat & drink too much.

  • Please please try some distraction therapy next time this happens. Run away from the place of temptation, into the park or just stomp round streets with no shops. And don't go back home until you've worked it out of your system, even if that's three hours. By which time that's another 150 calories unloaded.

    Repeat as necessary.

  • Bibles

    So great full good idea xxx

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