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How bad is bad?

I am in my first week and on my third day, yesterday, it was my birthday and I did indulge, but rather than brushing it under the carpet I thought I would record how naughty I had really been. I am actually pleased to see that whilst I was bad it wasn't too bad. Despite the wine, chocolate tart and chocolate. My total calorie consumption was 2647 less 133 from exercise so net calories were 2514. it is good to see it up there on the report to see what I really consume on a bad day (it was also a good day in many ways). Before when I knew I had been bad I would brush past the day and not record anything. Feeling a little delicate today had my first water intake, it did include an Alker Seltzer oops but hope it still counts, just need to keep the old carbs away as I normally like those the day after a glass or two.

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Belated Birthday wishes! Sounds like you had a great day. Easy to slip, just get back into the groove and keep going, it will be worth it!


How about dumping notions of 'naughtiness' or 'being bad' altogether?


Happy birthday for yesterday, well done on recording the calories, as you say so easy to pretend it doesnt exist and not face it, at least now you know exactly where you stand so you can keep moving forward in a positive way. I think finding balance to still enjoy food and nights out as well as get healthy is key to success. Glad you had a lovely evening


Hi, happy bday! Well, there's not much you can do apart from sticking to your routine and drink a lot of water. It's possible that you feel hungrier today or tempted to have more sugar because that's what wine and chocolate do, they alter your glycemic index. Have many herbal teas and increase your activity. Good luck with the rest of the week!


Thank you for all your replies, wish there was a like button I could click. I was shocked to see how many empty calories I drank. Now a year older and hopefully wiser. Happy days.


Thank you for your words, first week life has happened now today husband is taking me away for my birthday, he said why start in your birthday week as we would be doing things. But as you said life happens, I will quietly weigh in after this first week on Monday and then carry on.


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