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Week 3 still on track 😀

Good news, weighed in last night at end of week 3 - tremendous another 2.5 lbs gone! Made me feel better as struggled in week 2 (Easter) with only 1 lb lost and was a bit disheartened as I tried hard and didn't have any chocolate either!

So 1/2 a stone in 3 weeks - I'm a happy bunny. My suit trousers fit properly again now and my shirt collars can be done up with ease once more. Using 'FatSecret' app to help track the calories which is great and keeping up the 10,000 steps a day although it's difficult to find the time for this (the dog can't believe his luck though)

Thanks to all for the posts, this forum really helps....hearing of others success helps keep me going.....proves it can be done with a little effort. So into week 4 feeling good and wondering what I can actually achieve in 12 weeks.........

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👏👏brilluant, well done, keep up the good work 🌸


Thats awesome well done! Glad you are feeling better and confident going into week 4 it will really help. Have a great week


I'm happy to read that you have it under control! Week 4 can be tricky, many fail in weeks 3-4, so just be extra focused. Have a great week!


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