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A year and a half ago I was under weight and was looking really ill because I was depressed. Since last April 2014, I have put on weight. I am comfort eating and since I have started using my fitness pal I am shocked at the amount of calories I am consuming. I am determined to not let this get me down, I want to look good and feel good again. I went on a healthy food shop and am determined to start my workouts tomorrow. I don't want to be afraid to go out and socialise. I want to get my fitness plan started but I don't know where to start :-/

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you could do worse than try couch to 5k. There's a forum specifically for it on here. Learn to run for 30 minutes over nine weeks, and get much fitter in the process. Watch out, it's addictive :)


Welcome AV28. I put on 20lbs last year through emotional eating so you aren't alone. It is a "slap in the face" when you face up to the fact that you are out of control. My first step was to cut out sweets, chocolate, cake etc. as I reckon I had a sugar addiction.

It was just habit really and once you accept that you'll be able to break it. We don't "need" but "want" so just ask yourself "Is it worth it?"

I never used to exercise but now I try to have a brisk daily walk of 45 minutes. Sometimes I have to push myself to get out but after a few minutes I enjoy it.

It's a lifestyle change so believe in yourself and keep in touch with the forum as you'll get the support and advice you need. My goal is to lose 1lb a week and I've been doing that since I joined last month. Any weight you lose is great and also remember you won't be putting on anymore ever again. :)

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It would help if you had said how old you are, how tall, what you weighed when you were underweight and what you weigh now. How many calories are you eating per day would help too. This is because you could actually be within your normal weight range and as you were underweight before it may feel like you are overweight.


I think you should talk to your GP. It's great that you want to eat healthy, but maybe you shouldn't lose weight and exercise to be fit. Anorexia can play tricks on our mind and make us believe we are fatter that we are. And it takes years to realise it's all in our heads.


Awww bless you. Thank you so much for your kind and positive words :-) I will be sure to check that app out. I am feeling better today, I did a 6 k interval run just now and feel great for it. You sound like your doing really well. :-)


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