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Getting back into it!

Right, today since Monday I have cut out all the sugary food, junk food, take always, fizzy drinks.

Today I have started using my fitness pal. Just have to remember to record everything. i have put my snacks in for the day and my lunch as I have already made it. Also stuck sticky note on the fridge to remind myself.

I have told my self I am going to try really hard to shift this baby weight now, nearly 2 years and I still have jelly belly :( it's getting to summer and my son loves swimming.

I am using juice plus shakes for on the go as a lot of the time I don't make lunch for myself or am to busy so they are very quick.

And advice on healthy snack as I am very picky and don't like a lot of fruit and veg or dips.

Thank you.

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I have also started again this week and am using my fitness pal. I used it the other day before I started to watch what I was eating and was shocked at how many calories I was consuming without even realising - huge wake up!

I also struggle with healthy snacks as like you I don't like many fruits and veg/dips. I find popcorn is a nice alternative to crisps and as long as you don't go for the sweet stuff it is relatively low cal. Nuts and dried beans are also quite nice but do have a high fat content. I have found some good ideas here bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/col...

Anyway good Luck :)


Yes completely forgot about popcorn, am going to make some now lol. Yes I have set my cal to 1200 on mfp and today I haven't even reached it and not felt hungry one bit, motivates me more knowing I didn't go hungry and ate what I want (sort of :( ) I want to loose Atleast 4 st. I have to be very very good :( am just looking to loose Atleast 2lb a week so I no it is going to take time.

What happens when you slip up? I know it is going to happen sooner or later but I don't want to give up!!


I think most of the time I eat out of habit or boredom rather than because I am actually hungry so hopefully once I break the habit of thinking I need to eat it should get easier!

I'm aiming for the same as you - 2lbs a week. i know if I set my mind to it I can do it and I would rather have an achievable target and it take it's time than do some fad diet, not stick to it and then the weight come back on.

I guess if you slip up you slip up! We are all human! Just if you slip up don't be harsh on yourself and give up, just think oh well, tomorrow is another day and I will do even better. I find it helps measuring as sometimes weight seems to not go down as quickly as I'm losing inches and that helps motivate me.

You'll do great - just keep thinking of getting in that swimming costume with your son this summer :)


Yes I eat out of Bordem a lot. I find when I'm sitting around doing nothing I just want to eat. Have been to the park every day this week and it seems to be helping a lot! (And my son is sleeping a lot better😂)

Yes I know I am going to, I will try and keep my cal under for the hole week, so I no if I do slip up I will have to make up for it the next day. That put me off a lot. Lol.

Yes I can't wait to get back into a size 12 jeans. I am going to do it this time, I'm fed up of not going shopping and socialising because of my weight.

Yes it's going to take time but it's worth it ☺️☺️


Oh I will download it now. Yes mfp is adding calories when I loose them from exercise or activity.


Juice plus is a meal replacement shake, has loads of fruit and veg vitamins in. Pretty much like slim fast and herbal life. I use them for when I am going to skip a meal. Only 220 cal and keeps me full until my next meal with just drinking water. Seem quite good to me.

Although I only try to have one a day and 2 healthy meals and 2 healthy snakes. Staying under 1200 cal is seeming easy and I am not hungry. (I'm sure the hungry will kick in soon)

I am set on weighing myself every 2 weeks as I want to see some weight loss on the scales. I have given myself 5lb a month to loose, (don't seem to unrealistic).


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